After Halloween comes Christmas. Right? – In A Holidaze Book Ramble

Normally I like my romance with a side of mystery and other worldly danger and maybe I was just craving some good old fashion drama. It also could have been the fact that the main characters name is Mae and I kept reading it as Mare (that’s my nickname). I’m not even going to touch on where my escapism takes me. Continue reading After Halloween comes Christmas. Right? – In A Holidaze Book Ramble

October Wrap up & November TBR

I had such high hopes for October but life had other plans. I failed to complete my four book tbr for October. Not because I didn’t have the time to read said books but because like I always I got distracted. I completely disregarding my tbr and started a new series ( I’ll be making a separate post on that adventure). I’m not even going to talk about my many failed attempts to get back into anime this month. At this point I’m paying Crunchyroll to watch me. Has this become a book blog? Am I really allowing myself to get sucked into one niche? How many licks does it take to get to the center on a tootsie pop? The world may never know. Continue reading October Wrap up & November TBR

Mini Review: Cheat(er) Code

While reading other reviews for this graphic novel I’ve become enlighten. There is an actual genre for these kind of graphic novels. Homoerotic! I was just tickled pink to come across this term and honestly that set my mood while I was reading this. I feel like I should add a disclaimer here. Letting the younger audience as well as any parents look to get graphic novels for their kids that this graphic novel is not suitable for children. Continue reading Mini Review: Cheat(er) Code