In/Spectre 01- One Eye, One Leg


Iwanaga Kotoko became the god of wisdom to supernatural beings and spends her days solving problems for them. However, the boy who she fell in head of heels for, Sakuragwa Kuro, is someone that is feared by all supernatural creatures. The two of them face various mysterious incidents involving the supernatural in this love x romance x mystery series. Where will these fantastical incidents lead them and what will happen with Kotoko’s crush? [ courtesy of Crunchyroll]

My Views:

My very first opinion of this Anime was the background music is on point. It starts of very calming with Kotoko laying in the grass with calming music in the background and one line from a very deep dark voice. That scene suckered me in. I live for a dramatic angsty moment. The next few scenes threw me for a loop. Kotoko walks up to Kuro with the impression that he remembers her only he doesn’t at first it’s only after she reminds him of a incident in a hospital she goes to regularly for treatment that he briefly remembers.

During this episode we get a lot of Kotoko’s origin story which honestly I loved. The writers give us just enough so that where not confused and leave out enough so that we want to watch more. We still don’t know a whole lot about Kuro for most of the episode he comes off as a bland and boring male lead. The last 10 minutes or so is when his true colors show which and boy are they badass.

What did it for me:

Kotoko comes off as a love sick teenage girl. When in reality she is cunning, smart, and mysteriously manipulative in the best ways possible. She doesn’t mince her words and has a great sense over humor so far. Kuro gives off the “I don’t really know what’s going on” vibe but he turns out to be the exact opposite. Towards the end of the episode he gave me anti hero, “I’ll kick your ass if you push me to far” attitude while I’ll leaving us on the biggest fucking cliff hanger. I live for that and it made me super excited to watch episode two.

My predictions:

I’m predicting that they’ll argue a lot some of it good natured and some not so much. They’re personalities seem to be extremely different but they both have similar humor which will lead to so great laughs later on in the series. I don’t think they’ll actually be a couple. I’m guessing they’ll both give off vibes and there will be some awkward moments but they won’t take the relationship to the next level.

[S/N]: So far the music slaps dare I say a great ost. Fingers crossed.