I watched One Piece: East Blue 20 years later


Monkey D. Luffy refuses to let anyone or anything stand in the way of his quest to become the king of all pirates. With a course charted for the treacherous water of the Grand Line and beyond, this is one captain who’ll never give up until he claims the greatest treasure of earth: the Legendary One Piece!

My Views:

One Piece is one of those anime you watch on a snowy Sunday. Hence why I started bingeing it randomly. It’s an easy going anime. What I mean by easy going is you don’t need to use brain cells to figure out a complicated plot. I won’t lie and say I know everything there is to know about the show or that I avidly watched it when it aired on Toonami in 1999. The truth is I have two brothers and for a very long time I was the only girl. Most of the time I watched what they watched because I was always out voted me [the way of my childhood]. So yeah, I’ve seen some episodes here and there. I’ve read the first couple volumes of the manga. I remember the general plot and some of the main characters origin stories but that’s it.  

One Piece is a bomb ass shonen anime. I completely understand the the hype and why so many people deem it an anime classic. There are of course some cringe moments and some scenes that drag like every anime. Most of the time though I found myself yelling at the screen, cussing at the villains, laughing and crying. I cried A LOT. I don’t know if it was my hormones, the weather or what, but just about every scene that was over emotional or one of the main characters cried I cried too.

 It’s was also interesting to see what I remembered and what I didn’t. I remembered nothing about Zoro’s past but still vividly remembered Usopp, Nami and Sanji’s stories. The amount of swear words shocked me because I didn’t remember them swearing and Luffy swore the most. So far my favorite character is Luffy. Luffy is the ideal main character he can make you laugh, make you cry and kick ass hard. Luffy’s appeal is his Zen-ness. He has this attitude that if it’s meant to happen it will happen. He speaks with conviction and he fights for his friends. Luffy at first glance seems naive and goofy which he gets mistaken a lot by villains as. I think that’s what makes his fight scenes even more epic.  

Zoro is a close second because his dry humor just does something to my soul. He comes off very serious but as the season continues you see his character loosen up a bit. Usopp is that annoying character that sometimes makes you laugh and other time you’re shaking your head. I can’t stand Nami. I know she had her reasons but I still I just can’t with her. Maybe next season will change my mind. Sanji gives me mixed feelings. One minute he’s a total badass and the next he’s heart eyes over so random female. I know that’s supposed to be for humor but it kind of leaves me perplexed.

Overall the plot is simplistic and there’s a certain joy in plain, uncomplicated entertaining shows. The villains change and the fight scenes get better through out the season. Almost every episode has a joke or two you’ll get a cackle from. Season one was mostly about meeting all the main characters, solving their personal issues and forming the crew. I know absolutely nothing else about One Piece beyond the characters so season two is going to be full of surprises for me and honestly I can’t wait. Would I consider this my favorite anime no but I would hands down consider this a classic in the shonen genre. Would you?

My predictions for season two:

So we pretty much wrapped up all the characters past issues except for Luffy. I’m hopping that we learn a little more and meet a certain pirate crew from his past. I would also love to see Nami up her fighting skills and Usopp try to fight first before he runs. I don’t expect any love matches even though Sanji does have play that lover boy role. I want Zoro to not get his ass kicked in almost every huge three episode battle.

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