Somali and the Forest Spirit 03 – The Sea at the Bottom of the Cave

Episode three started off with a sad recap of the reality that Golem faces. That recap set the tune for the remainder of the episode. Golem seems to have a one track mind at times. He focuses on the task he’s given to further their journey but in the process emotionally neglects Somali. Because of this Somali comes face to face with the reality of not only her relationship with Golem but the purpose of their journey. Somali being the child that she is wishes for things to be different and when given the hope that she could possibly change the course of her future she run full speed ahead without thinking of the consequences. Though her new friend’s intention is pure it leaves them both in a dangerous spot without the help of Golem. 

In general this series has proved to be a slow paced tear jerker. I find that it’s best to watch while you’re in the company of others or you’ll have to pause while your eyes are watering because you can’t read the captions. Although this isn’t my usual action packed drama I feel this series gives me a break from all the yelling at the screen I do to instead make me cover my mouth in anticipation. I’d like to point out again how beautiful the artwork is. I’m captivated every time I look at the screen. My anxiety still races and for good reason if the cliff hanger we were left on is any indication. 

Until Next Time