In/Spectre 03 – The Rumors of the Steel Lady

This episode picks right up where it left off literally and then jumps two years ahead. The first look into the future are two police officers holding a discussion about a recent crime. I had no idea where this was going to go. At first I thought okay, maybe the police enlist  Kuro and Kotoko to help with unexplainable paranormal crimes. Once they said the name of one of the police officers I almost jumped out of my seat. We’re given some insight on Saki’s past relationship and why it “tragically” ended. Eventually Saki and Kotoko cross paths and things get a little messy verbally and physically.

Kotoko shows some strength in this episode and proves she’s not just a pretty girl who wears pretty dresses. She kicks ass. One of the many things I love about her is her attitude. She’s open, honest and direct. She says what she means and means what she says and I think as a female lead that it will make for some interesting times. 

Saki is Kuro’s ex girlfriend who vaguely has been mentioned in episode one. All we were given was that they broke up and she moved away for work. Kuro blamed the break up on himself, painting himself as the bad guy. Which I wasn’t completely sold on that ticket then and I wouldn’t even look at it now. In this episode we do learn Saki’s side of how things went down between them and we are even given a little more detail than Kuro gave us. If I’m honest which I always tend to be in these posts. Saki isn’t [at least to me] presented in the best light. She’s shown as weak, prejudice and unwilling to accept someone for who they are. On the pretense that she wants to become stronger and unafraid of the truths she’s learned yet she literally throws up at the thought of what Kuro is. 

Strangely enough Kuro wasn’t present as we were pushed two years into the future. I wonder if that was done on purpose or if there was some sort of discord between Kotoko and Kuro. Either way this is starting to look like the start of a love triangle. I’m putting it on record now that whether it be books, manga, movies or anime I strongly dislike love triangles. There is nothing romantic about having to fight for a man or woman to pick you instead of someone else. I swear I could rant on forever about this and maybe I will in another post. This was really just a heads up in case that’s where this anime turns and I suddenly stop crushing on Kuro. 

Until Next Time