In/Spectre 04 – Idol Dies by Steel Beam

Usually when I write these anime reviews I try not give away too many spoilers. The whole point of reviews are to entice the reader to go and check out whatever it is I’m writing about. It’s getting harder and harder to be vague as this series continues on but alas, I will try. I orginally entended to write up epsidoes 04 and 05 together. Only to realize after watching episode 04 that it was just wasn’t possible. I have way to much to express on from this episode alone.

The very first thing I want to touch before I actually discuss what happens in episode 04 are the relationships I notice being built [and my thoughts about them]. Kotoko and Kuro’s relationship seems to be the same as it was prior to the two year time jump. Kotoko is still supposedly madly in one-sided love with Kuro but I have my own theories.

Theory one: While Kotoko might care about Kuro she isn’t really in love. She infatuated with the idea that there’s someone else in the world that’s similar to her. Similar meaning that neither one can actually be considered fully human. Reasoning: Kotoko says it was love at first sight but she doesn’t act like she’s in love. She enjoys bothering Kuro and riling him up.

Theory two: Kuro does actually have feeling for Kotoko and like she explained to Saki he just had as hard time showing emotion. Reasoning: Saki has her own thoughts on how Kuro was with her but from the clips we’ve seen of them together he comes off attentive to her needs but still emotionally distant. Is he not the same way with Kotoko. He finds himself doing little things like feeding her and checking up on her when she runs off into dangerous situtaions with out any thought.

While both of these theories make sense to me I have an inkling that this supposed romance will forever stay in this awkward cringey state.

I was genuinely surprised by how much I like and want a relationship to build between Kotoko and Saki. I love their banter. It amuses me and I can see a sense of respect for each other building. As much I want a duo to form between these two I just as much want Saki to stay away from Kuro. Maybe I stan Kotoko and Kuro. Maybe I just don’t want to see the love triangle I can feel forming. Either way I really don’t want them to reconnect.

Kuro and Saki’s relationship makes no sense to me. I don’t understand how you can be with someone for five years and then you find out he’s not fully human and just split. Okay, I could see that but wouldn’t after you ran away calm down and rationally think about the man you swore you loved and have some doubts about leaving? Wouldn’t you have questions that need answers? I also don’t understand how one minute the thought of him being differnt makes her throw up her lunch and the next minute she acts like she cares about him and even misses him. Also why did Kuro seem numb to the fact that they broke up? That she left him. He talked about it dryly and stated the events without emotion. Which supports Theory two.

The actual episode:

We continue on with the story of Steel Lady Nanase. We are given background information on her death and what happened prior to it. For this I am forever grateful. The issue with Steel Lady Nanase is that Kotoko can’t figure out what type of entity she is. Thing aren’t adding up and even Saki with her lack of paranormal knowledge is realizing it. This I feel like is the start of a continuation of issues Kotoko, Kuro and maybe Saki [if they keep her around] will have. It’s made clear although subtly that someone else might be pulling the strings [figurative] attached to Steel Lady’s back.

The episode in itself is comprised of banter between Saki and Kotoko, their individual research projects on the case and, a background story on Steel Lady Nanase. While all of this was entertaining it’s the tidbit at the end that really rose by blood pressure. At this point I think the writers do this purposely.

After almost two full episodes of no Kuro he’s finally back. According to Kotoko and her receipts [text messages] he’s been missing for a week. Saki commented on how it’s a bit abnormal for him to do something like that. Kotoko brushes the comment off then changes the subject so I’d assumed he wasn’t going to show his face. We find him in the least expected place. Kuro come on the scene like an avenging angel of death. Which not to rub it in also sort of, kind of adds weight to Theory two.

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