In/Spectre 05 – A Monster of the Imagination . . . Kuro’s Back!

I had theories. Damn good theories if you ask me. This episode didn’t debunk them it just arose even more questions and it didn’t even answer the questions I already had. We got a glimpse of Kuro’s past and it explained a lot. Before the two year time jump we were told he ate two kinds of paranormal flesh but we were only given the name of one. Mermaids flesh. I never speculated on why he ate them I just took it for what it was. I didn’t think about his past. Not really. So this glimpse took me by complete surprise. Kuro grew up in a tradionally wealthy family but somewhere in their bloodline is the strain of mental disorders. All of the elders had reached an all time high of fucking insanity. That’s the only way to explain what actually happened.

Kuro’s inability to express emotions seem to have stemmed from his traumatic childhood. Kuro comes off socially awkward a lot especially in this episode. Kuro and Saki reunite and he doesn’t seem to torn up about her presence. He smiles at her kindly but doesn’t show any feeling of longing or remorse [why would he?] Saki on the other hands is a big huge blob of confused emotions. I want to like Saki so bad but her indecisiveness really bugs me. One minute she talking of him fondly, giving him his favorite drink. The next she acts like she scared and repulsed by what he is.

Episode five confirms the one question I’m sure everyone who watches the show has. Kuro and Kotoko are dating. *Drop the confetti.* Kuro gives this news reluctantly and of course Kotoko calls him out on it. Kotoko gets a bit jealous over the reunion between Kuro and Saki. In Kotoko like fashion she doesn’t hide it. Instead she embraces it. You can tell Kotoko thinks highly of Kuro and his abilities. They also seem to work well together. Even their banter seems playful. I personally don’t feel like either one of them have true feelings for the other person. Yet. Kuro treat Kotoko more like a little sister than a girlfriend and Kotoko puts up a good front of acting like she cares that him and Saki are in the same room but you can tell it doesn’t bother her much. Based on the other information we are given on the way things have changed in the past two years I think this is a relationship of convenience.

The three of them [mostly Kotoko] get down to business and discuss what’s really up with Steel Lady Nanase. Hence the title of the episode. I know I seem overly absorbed in the romance aspect of this anime I do in fact actually enjoy to mystery and paranormal side of it as well. I’m learning a whole lot about Japanese entities and mythology. Most of what I knew was very surface level. It’s sometimes hard to write about that side of it though because I’m not an expert and I don’t want to write about things falsely. Finding out what Steel Lady Nanase really is, is kind of mind blowing in its own way. Kotoko talks about this other world with such confidence. It’s like watching a daytime crime show. She also explains things in a way so viewers can draw their own conclusions before she gives us the truth.

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