Somali and the Forest Spirit 04 – The Wishing Flower and the Promise Request

I’m so far behind on this anime it’s a bit overwhelming. Yet not matter how long it’s been this anime tends to reel me in and captivate me. As always the art work is stunning. The colors are always mesmerizing and this episode didn’t disappoint.

I feel like this episode was meant to solely focus on Golems character growth. Somali and Kikila were sent to run an errand and were told to be back before the sunset. Somali so wrapped up in her emotions and the possibility of being separated from Golem makes a decision on impulse. Kids are naturally inspulsive and don’t always think before they act.

Hearing about the Yozame flower and the wishing powers it has Somali allows Kikila to guide her into the underground forest. Not long after the pair run into trouble. Murthica the burly one eyed wolf that appeared at the end of episode three turns out to not be a devious villain sent to uncover Somali’s secrets. Murthica has a kind heart and admires Somali’s courage. In turn he comes to be a bit protective over her and her feelings. Guding the two children through the underground forest and returning the restaurant safely he bears witness the Golem losing his cool for the first time ever.

No matter what Golem feels the tone of his voice never changes so you have to pay careful attention to his words and actions. You can tell Golem is trying to understand the sudden emotions coursing through him in regards to Somali and her wellbeing. Not to mention he lacks basic social skills and knows nothing about taking care of a child beyond necessities. Murthica continued to play a prominent role throughout this episode. He stands to be the voice of reason and realization. His protectiveness over Somali shows as he politely puts Golem in his place [not that Golem noticed].

It isn’t until a crisis in regards to Somali that Golem strikingly realizes all of the signs he perviously missed. Frantic he goes to extremes to make sure Somali will be okay. In the end it’s Kikila’s dad who comes through with a one liner along the lines of no parent is perfect. When you mess up you apologize that how you both grow.

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