Somali and the Forest Spirit 05 – The Wandering Birds

Since I’ve started watching this anime I’ve always wondered why was it that nobody figured out that Somali is a human wearing a minotaur hood. Was it for suspense or was anticipation purposely built and saved up for episode five? So many things happened this episode. There were tears, there were goodbyes, there was a link up with another human and his slightly evil harpy companion.

I know I’m not the only one that picked up on the very obvious similarities between Somali, Golem, Uzoi, and Haitora. With Uzoi discovery of Somali’s race comes the very real threat to her life. Uzoi intends to off Somali in effort to possibly save Haitora and I’m sorry but I have to unpack this. She is so willing to kill a small child because of some slim to none chance that it might save her father figure. What is she twelve? actually now that I think about it she just might be but that’s beside the point. Also what in the hell is wrong with Haitora [besides the obvious] that when she first told him of her intentions he didn’t put more umph in his hell no. Like seriously Haitora speak up we can’t hear you.

I know this is all for dramatic affect but Haitora waited way too long to speak up Somali could have already been dead. I’m kind of convinced that all of his crayons are in the box and believe me I’m really trying to understand. The only thing that stands out in my mind is that the possibility of Somali and Haitora being the only humans left is extremely high yet he contemplated offing one of his own over a one out of ten chance her blood could save him.

I’m so done.

Until Next Time