In/Spectre 06 – logical Fiction

Kotoko is really in her element when she’s figuring out paranormal issues. She speaks confidently and everyone listens. You can tell Kuro recongizes her strengths and trusts her opinion. Steel Lady Nanase is becoming a real problem and tying up these loose ends is seeming much harder than it’s supposed to be. I feel like we’re at the point in this series where things are going to start getting serious. Every episode the stakes seem to get higher and the problem harder to solve.

Kotoko has devised a plan to put an end to Steel Lady’s reign but to put they plan in action most of the work will have to be done by Kuro. The effects of the Kudan meat that Kuro ate seem to be the solution but the problem is Kotoko has to make a doorway for him to use it.

Okay, I can’t hold it in anymore. I LOVE absolutely adore Kuro and Kotoko’s relationship. I can admit last episode I was a bit worried about the genuinely of their relationship. It came across very forced on both ends. It was the flashback that did it for me. To see him actually hold a full conversation with her explaining his abilities and the genuine happiness he had that she got accepted into the same university that he goes too, mind blown.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t comment on the “I’ll die for you as many times as you need me to” line. As much as I loved that I questioned it too. I feel like something happened and Kotoko did something significant for him because that level of loyalty is not gained from love. What if it had to do with the cousin in the hospital?

Towards the end of the episode a bunch of things happened. Too many things were implied. I’ve come to the conclusions that Kotoko is hopelessly infatuated with the emotionally unavaible Kuro. It was clarfied for the viewers [but mostly me] that there will be no love triangle [thank you]. Somebody died [I’m not telling] and a woman creepily sat in front of a computer.

I’m confused. I’m weirded out. I’m excited.

Until Next Time