Somali and the Forest Spirit 06 – Dying Flowers Look Up at the Birds

After this episode I’m going to need a minute. This anime took a turn I was in no way prepared for. I get it characters have trauma. It builds their character. It gives them depth and a little relatability. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t bat an eyelash at the sight of somebody being murdered. I just honestly was not expecting that dark turn from this anime.

Not to say I told you so but. . . Haitora did seem a little off in episode five. You can tell now that he’s suffering from survivors guilt after his bout of insanity. Given his circumstances I get it. I can’t even phantom the thought of how I would react if I was the reason everyone I held dear died. Not only does he have to live with that but also knowing that he ruined a toddlers life because he was scared and prejudice.

The look on Uzoi face when she overheard the truth floored me but it also had me wondering about what Somali will feel when she learns the truth about Golem. This episode had very little to do with Golem and Somali but I’d still like to touch on something I’ve been noticing about Somali. She sometimes says things that an adult would say. She’s very wise and has a mature aura to her. Yet based on her size and most of her behaviors she not any older than seven.

Still I wonder where she picked up her sayings and maturity. I’d also like to know about her life from before Golem found her. Somali’s past intrigues me just as much as her present and future.

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