In/Spectre 07 – Preparing to Conquer the Steel Lady

Because of Detective Terada’s death Steel Lady Nanase rumors helped to solidify her presence worldwide while making Kotoko’s job of fighting a rumor with a rumor significantly harder than it already was. I’m overly impressed by the writers thoroughness. Keeping us in the loop just enough to understand what’s going on while still being able to hold some pieces back to keep the mystery alive. We know exactly what they’re trying to do to stop Nanase but we still have no idea of how it’s going to play out. I’d like to issue a slow clap round of applause for unpredictability and holding us easily bored watchers overexcited and entertained. [It could just be me though because I still haven’t read the manga.]

In the light of Terada’s death Saki is torn between her duty as a police officer and wanting to end the Steel Lady case by any means necessary. Knowing what she knows how that is even a problem? I don’t know. I coming to find that’s just the beauty of Saki’s personality. She’s a big ball of insecurities and uncertainty. It really shows when she mentions Kuro’s cousin with a voice of jealously and acceptance.

I love love love Kotoko. She is quickly working her way up the chain of being my favorite anime girl. She confident in herself. I know I’ve mention it before but in this episode you can really see it’s not all bravado. She’s not ashamed to admit when she needs help. She’s comfortable taking off her prosthetics around Kuro which speaks volumes if you ask me.

Kuro can be sweet in his own standoffish way. At this point I utterly confused about how I feel in regards to his relationship with Kotoko. They’re clearly familiar with each other and the bond seems genuine. But what is that bond really? He has a key to her hotel room. He brings her expensive chocolates. He claims her as his girlfriend. Yet they have more sweet big brother and little sister moments than actually intimate ones. They’re seriously no sexual tension between the two. Kotoko obviously admires and is crushing on Kuro hard but how deep does it really go?

We’re finally introduced to Kuro’s cousin Rikka-san. She supposedly died but the way Kotoko talked about her was if she’s alive and is causing problems. I know Rikki-san is a problem and probably the big villain and a catalyst in Kuro’s story line. She reminds me of Akito from Fruit Basket. The hair, the smile, the fact the she was bound in a hospital. Honestly my skin crawls a little just thinking about the smiliarites between the characters.

Until Next Time