Somali and The Forest Spirit 07- The Footsteps That Stalk the Witches

It took me a while to watch this episode mostly because life sucks and work has been kicking my ass. That doesn’t negate from the fact that I’ve been dying to watch episode seven. Dying. I love all things paranormal, occult, and fantasy. Witch related things top the chart for me always. You give me a fantasy world and witches I soak that shit up like a dehydrated fish.

We happily say say goodbye to Haitora and Uzoi as Somali and Golem head to a village that is known to have information on all things. Not just any village, a witch village. Not only are the witches their librarian witches. The bibilophile in me stopped breathing for a few seconds when we got a glance at the library. I swear this episode was made for me.

In this library with a million books there was only one that had anything in it about humans. We all know it was never going to be easy for them. There’s no way that they were going to be able to just get the book and read it. With the help of Hazel the head witch librarian they find the book with her older sister Praline.

I swear I feel like Somali has some secret ability because she always finds things and trouble just draws to her like a moth to flame. This episodes trouble comes in the form of skelton like fish covered in this see through green goop. They remind me of prianhas.

With witches comes magic and there’s no better magic then the kind you use to fight off book eating fish. Hazel and Praline try their best to fight off the evil fishes but ultimately the day is saved by Golem. Sort of.

With every episode we’re constantly reminded of Golem’s impending death. This episode not only reinforced it speed it up. In his attempt to protect Somali he damaged himself and also showed some impressive skills.

In the end they couldn’t read the book but they know what to do next.

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