In/Spectre 08 – She Who Spins Fiction

We pick up exactly where we left off with Saki giving a narration of Rikka’s character. Saki gives the impression that Rikka is an evil negative person. I really just feel like she was intimidated by her beauty and presence in Kuro’s life. Saki then goes on to accuse Kuro of being in love with her. [Not uncommon in anime but still ew that’s his cousin.]

Kuro opens up emotionally for probably the first time this season and admits “Yes, I love her.” He also says he gets tired of her and dutifully reminds Saki that that’s his cousin promptly putting her back in her place. Even I lover of all things dramatic side-eyed Saki for some of the things she was saying. Home girl overstepped big time.

Mind you this was all before the intro song played.

Kotoko freaks out and leaving Saki and Kuro alone together. Saki and Kotoko get to talking about Rikka and lets just say my girl Rikka has duality. It’s that or either she really didn’t like Saki. You can tell at first she didn’t want to like Kotoko but Kotoko the kind of person you can’t not like. I sure Kotoko embellished some of her stories about Rikka but when she was talking you could tell there was no bad blood between the two.

Kuro brings Kotoko some bananas and a drink telling her she needs her energy. Which honestly is so freaking cute. They are so cute together even though I still don’t think that they’ll fall madly in love. [Prove me wrong PLEASE!] They do make awesome best friend goals.

This episode really didn’t have a whole lot going on besides getting clarity on who was behind the rumors and the website for Steel Lady Nanase. I pretty sure for all of us who have been following along it wasn’t a big surprise. The writers always make sure we’re able to connect the dots to get the big picture.

What I would like to comment on though is how casually everyone in this series deals with death. Detective Terada died and Saki didn’t shed a single tear. Kuro dies frequently and Kotoko talks about it calmly like it’s just another day in the neighborhood. Which it probably is but still if the guy I’m dating gets bashed in the head and dies I’m freaking out just a little bit. Whether I know he’s coming back to life or not. I’m not even going to touch on Rikka I’ll just insert a screenshot.

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