Somali and The Forest Spirit 08 – Meeting and Bonds Prayed for

Witches, libraries and book eating fish. Episode seven was a whirlwinds of new, chaotic and unresolved mystery. Praline gives Golem a book that helps sneak around the closed off sections of the witches library. Why? Because Golem and Somali are on a mission to find the only person who’s ever read The Chronicles of Haraiso. An almost four hundred year old witch named Isolde.

After Golem goes all super daddy protecting Somali from violent bugs meant to kill intruders and battle witches they finally come face to face with the oldest witch alive. Turns out she’s dying. Isolde still has enough life in her to tell them about the book.

The Chronicles of Haraiso is the story of Isolde ancestors experience with humans when she was a young girl. I’m not going to lie. Humans ain’t shit. Well at least in this anime and honestly they way we’re portrayed isn’t exactly wrong either. Maybe a bit over exaggerated but there’s some truth to the portrayal.

Haraiso is a Golem who doesn’t have the hard shelling that Golem does. His body seemed put together by straw like material that’s stitches. Whish begs to question does Golem really need that hard shell to live?

The story was never supposed to be written at the request of Isoldes ancestor but Isolde wrote it anyways. Leaving Isolde with the guilt that she’s the cause of the end of the human race. [Really it was just really bad timing. Plus the only people who are responsible are the people involved.]

At the end of Isolde’s story Somali admits for the first time that she’s human. There are a few heart felt moments between Isolde and Somali before she finally passes away. Her death was probably the most beautiful thing I’ve seen. When I die I want to dissolve into a swarm of multi colored butterflies too.

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