Double Feature: In/Spectre 09/10 – The Committee to Conquer Steel Lady Nanase & Dueling Fictions

09 – The Committee to Conquer Steel Lady Nanase

I’m going to be honest here there’s not really much to say about episode nine. Most of the episode was thoroughly explaining how Kotoko crafted lie number one. Basically a live video of a Reddit forum.

Kotoko gets her twitter finger cracked and poised in preparation for her battle of wills with Rikki. Saki is supposed to be keeping an eye out for any changes in Kuro as he battles Nanase but ultimately gets caught up in Kotoko’s internet scam of the century.

I don’t know if it was intentional. Nope scratch that I know it was. Kotoko had every intention to make it seem like Saki could have been Terada’s killer. I cackled out loud when Saki read the forum on her phone then turned around and called Kotoko out on it.

Kuro fights Nanase. I mean really fights here. At first he was kind of just dogging her punches but after he died the first time and bumped into Rikki in the Realm of Possible Futures [yes, I just made that up] he came back pissed. I don’t know if he loves her or hates her but everytime he see her or she’s mentioned he acts weirder than normal.

Rikki was in that Realm of Possible Futures looking like a dark goddess. I love her brand of quiet, deranged crazy. Kuro always looks at her like he’s shocked by her evil ways but from the first look we got of her she looked like an evil goddess coming to collect or souls. I don’t know how he missed it. All I know is I can’t wait for more of her.

Overall this episode kind of dragged for me. Which is surprising because I’ve genuinely this series so far. The whole time I was worried about Kuro even though he can come back to life.

You can find more screenshots from episode 9 on Pinterest.

10 – Dueling Fictions

Like the last episode there is a lot of explaining going on. . It’s not that I don’t find the explaining interesting I just don’t want to get in to it and spoil the episode for everyone who hasn’t watched it yet.

Normally I would rag on Saki for her over the top reactions to things but in this episode they were totally warranted. Saki is like a innocent bystander that gets caught up in the plot but doesn’t exactly know what to do about it. Yet. I sort of want them to keep her after this Steel Lady arc ends. I could see her character growing and her becoming this bad ass cop who secertly passes along information to Kotoko everytime there’s a spectre problem.

I seem to have developed a certain relatabilty to Kuro when he fights. He fights like a street kid. There’s no special Judo skills in the mix. As far as I can tell all he can really do is throw a mean punch. One things for he wasn’t bluffing when he told Kotoko he’d die for her as many times as she wanted. I think with these two episodes combined he’s died at least seven or eight times. The one thing I can say about this series is they defiantly don’t hold back the gore. Kuro’s deaths are gruesome.

Besides the fact that Rikki kills herself like ten times she actually becomes a active player in this game of wits against Kotoko. I can’t help but wonder what is her end game here? What is Rikki trying to prove? Or is this just for shits and giggles because if so that really fucked up. Kuro keeps dying and she obviously knows Kuro going to die and how.

I honestly can’t even guess who’s going to come out the winner. Every time Kotoko and Kuro get a one up Rikki comes back colder and fiercer than before. I don’t even know who I want to win. I love Kuro and Kotoko but Rikki is starting to worm her way into my heart. I mean doesn’t everyone love a bad bish.

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You can find more screenshots from this episode on my Pinterest.