Somali and the Forest Spirit 09 – Memories of Minor Days

We’ve moved on from witches and libraries with no real closure other than Isoldes death. The abrupt change of scenery is breathtaking but it took me a minute to gather my bearings and remeber what happened in the episode before.

Somali and Golem [I wish he had another name. A real name] have some daddy and daughter time. It was ADORABLE! They baked a soufflé together.

We’re reacquainted with two friends from episode two. Shizuno and Yabashira. Which honestly kind of makes my theories about this series seem a little more promising [but then again I could be reaching].

Somali has a loose tooth and is freaking out. Which I just think is adorable and just a tiny bit sad. She has no one to talk to about it because what does Golem really know about human children.

Something amazing happened. There was an actual fight. Okay well it was kind of one sided because Golem, Yabashira, and Shizuno are freakishly strong. It was refreshing to see a normal fight in this series. Most of the violence in this anime is brutal and grusome. It’s nice to just see a couple a thugs get beat up and go home other than this animes usual deadly alternative.

Yabashira comes off as a quiet guy. He’s sweet and makes treats for Somali all the time so you forget that he’s actually an Oni. He’s badass and he didn’t hesitate to kick ass. Golem has never shown remorse to do what needs to be down so you can bet when the only person he cares about is in danger he didn’t hold back. I love how Shizuno was underestimated because of her size and how she kicked ass harder than the boys.

I kind of feel like this episode was a filler episode. Something calm and light after the heaviness of the last one. It had nothing to do with the progress of finding humans. It didn’t really have a purpose other than to set up for the next one. Maybe. You never really know with this series.

Until Next Time

You can find more screenshots from this episode on Pinterest.