Somali and the Forest Spirit 10 – The Infant Child and the Green Fortress

I hope everyone has been doing well under these rather tense circumstances.

In episode ten we get to see how Golem and Somali met. Somali story is a tragic one. I don’t know if we’ll ever see what Somali’s life was like before they met. I was surprised by the way Golem completely discarding Somali when he first encountered her. I probably shouldn’t have been. I mean he’s a forest creature and she’s a small human child who seems to have lost her memory.

I warmed my heart when he gave her a name. Golem likes to say he doesn’t have feelings and by now we know that’s not true but even the beginning he protected her. I’d like to think he always had emotions but because in lived in a solitary existence he never had a chance to show them.

We get to see Golem out of his clothes. Most of his hard shelling has broken off and his body is riddled in scars. His life is coming to an end and honestly I can’t deal.

Towards the end of this episode we meet Aunt Rosa while Golem and Yabashira are out working. She teaches Somali how to make a friendship bracelet. All is not as it seems with dear Aunt Rosa.

I started tying this knowing that I probably wouldn’t have enough commentary for this to be consider a post. For the way this episode ended I know that next episode is going to be a banger. There was no way I could put these two episodes together in one post.

Anyways. . .

Until Next Time

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