In/Spectre 11 – The Ultimate Fiction

This is it you guys. The end. The end of Steel Lady Nanase. The end of the season [I think]. The end of Winter. The only thing not ending is this damn quarantine. Stay home [unless you’re an essential worker or need food] and be safe. In the meantime feel free to read my blog [shameless plug].

I don’t think I ever mentioned the detail that was put into these last few episodes. I mean sure they been mostly comprised of explanations which can some time put a damper on the episodes but the artist did a really good job of making you feel like you were visually inside the chat forums.

I’ve honestly never seen an anime do that. The art is kind of life changing. It made the long winded explanations more bearable. We weren’t just looking at Kotoko’s mouth move for fifteen out of thirty minutes.

In this episode we get down to phase four. Turns out the last three phases were just a set up for this one. This episode was predictable yet not. We knew there were two possible outcomes. We just didn’t know how it all was going to play out. Rikki died to many times not to achieve the outcome she wanted. What was that exactly?

Kotoko has a way with words. She’s one of those people you don’t want to like because they’re annoyingly preppy, optimistic, and a know-it-all but they grow on you. She’s completely badass in her own way.

For the last few episodes it seemed like Kuro has been doing all the dirty work with the repeated dying and all but in this episode Kotoko finally comes through [honestly best friend goals]. I think Kuro has died for the last time this season.

Kuro is finally kicking some imaginary ass. Kotoko types in her final blow. Saki is just there [I don’t really like how they just left her character as background art]. Rikki admits defeat. I thought she was going to be way more badass than that.

I have questions that still need answers. Is this the last episode of the season or are they going to do some wrap up episode? Is Rikki going to become a the big villain throughout the seasons? I really want her to be this hot badass villain who kills first and never asks questions? Is Saki going to be an ongoing charater because I could totally see that?

Until Next Time

You can find more screenshots from this episode on my Pinterest.