Somali and The Forest Spirit 12 – Bonded Father and Child

Here we are. the highly anticipated season finale. This last episode was highly endearing and emotional.

Five very important things happened in this season finale. Golem kicks ass. Golem almost dies. Golem tries to leave Somali. Somali roasts him. Golem cries. GOLEM FUCKING CRIES!

There will be spoilers and you know what I’m not even sorry.

We pick off exactly where we left off. Golem is pissed. You know how I know besides the fact that his eye turned red or the gaping whole in his chest that shoots out fire. He opened his mouth for the very first time ever and he’s doing this wounded animal screech thing [I don’t know how else to describe it]. Though the probability of him surviving afterwards is slim. His body is vastly deteriorating. He’s so blinded by the need to protect Somali that he’s in full out kill everybody mode. Aunt Rosa and her gang scattered quickly but Golem was having none of that.

If it wasn’t for Somali Aunt Rosa would have been dead. I’m proud of Somali doing the moral thing. Turning the other cheek and saving someone who really didn’t deserve to be saved [that’s just my personal opinion].

So that happens next. Golem passes out, regains consciousness and then what? They continue on to the next town. That’s in the middle of there Autumn festival. This seems to be a nice was to brighten up the dark undertone of this episode.

Golem is having a hard time coming to terms with his new disability and his deteriorating health. He continually notices that he can’t care for or attend to Somali the same as before. He’s not used to receiving help from others and is particularly put out to see Yabashira attending to Somali’s needs in an effort to give Golem time to rest.

Continuing to see Yabashira making Somali laugh and smile while also unable to deal with his own emotions he decides it’s best to leave her. At a festival. Without telling her. Okay that’s more like abandoment. Which had me and appearently Yabashira pissed because how could you.

Golem likes to use the ‘Golems don’t have emotions’ line as a crutch whenever he doesn’t want to face reality. So round of applause for Somali being so savage and really giving it to Golem for trying to leave her. She really spoke on everything everyone’s been saying all season. GOLEM HAS EMOTIONS!

Two things happens when you’re faced with the truth. You own it or you deny it. Golem owned his truth. He got down on his knees, hugged Somali [for the first time], and cried. My man fucking cried. I mean sure is was black and looked like sludge but I know that was a tear.

And for the first time ever he agreed that he was going to stay with Somali until his very last breath.

Now I have no idea if there will be a season two or not because this episode down to the very last second seemed very final. Would I watch a second season? Hell yeah. I’ll be the first person to admit that this series is a slow burn. At this point I’m so invested in Somali and Golem I would continue watching just to see some more character growth.

Here’s too Hoping there will be a season two.

Until Next Time

You can find more screenshots from the episode on my Pinterest.