In/Spectre 12 – She Who Defends Order

Bloggers Note: I normally don’t bust out anime commentary posts as quickly as I have been. This is partly due to self isolation and partly because I’m trying to prepare myself for Spring releases.

The season finale was everything I wanted it to be. EVERYTHING! We pick up where episode eleven ended with Kuro offing Steel Lady Nanase. But that’s neither here nor there. If you watched episode twelve and you read my blog you know how invested I am in Kotoko and Kuro’s relationship. It’s the end of the season and I have finally decoded their relationship.

But first I have to talk about Rikki.

Rikki is unashamed by her actions. She’s bold as hell. She’s cheeky af for sending that email to Kuro right after he offed her creation. I know Rikki is the character that we’re supposed to hate. But I can’t help but love her. I love a bomb evil villianess. Thanks to Kuro and Saki’s late night dinner conversation we learn that Rikki’s always been a little off. That she’ll do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Soildifying her evil goddess status. We also discover what Rikki’s goal is. She wants to create a god…with the imagination of others. I know mind blown but you know crazier shit has happened in anime.

Moving on.

So there’s this line in the diner where Saki says to Kuro “take care of Kotoko” [or something along those lines] and Kuro replies “I do take care of her.” Leaving me and Saki SHOOK. He then explains how he takes care of her. This also gave me a deeper insight on their relationship.

I’d like to think I’m a pro at reading facial expressions and deciphering emotions. But I am not still let us pretend I am.

Kuro does have feelings. This episode he displayed enough emotions for the whole damn season. I’ve been dealing with an emotionally unavailable Kuro for eleven episodes to finally get this scene at the dinner. [Round of applause to the writers.]

You can tell he really cares about Kotoko. I think [and this is my opinion but dammit I know I’m right] he struggles with his own insercurites and traumas. He feels like Kotoko is an amazing woman and he’s not good enough for her. He says something along the lines of Kotoko deserves to be happy. Implying he’ll do anything to make sure she’s safe happy and loved.

The only part about this episode that I had mixed feeling on was the confirmation that Saki won’t be in anymore episodes. I have a very one-sided love hate relationship with Saki. I hate some parts of her personality and her relationship with Kuro really bugs me. On the other hand I would have love to see some character growth from her and a friendship form between her and Kotoko.

Moving on.

The last five minutes of this season finale was everything. All of the Kuro and Kotoko shippers [me] were literally falling out of their chairs. Not only did the writers give me a diner scene where Kuro practically unashamedly devoted his life to Kotoko but a hotel and park scene. Complete with sexual innuendos, wiity banter, hand holding, and cheesy pick up lines.

Kuro told Kotoko that he needed her. which if you ask me is one hundred precent true. Probably more than even Kotoko knows or we fully understand. How he stays sane after dying so many times is beyond me. At some point he’s going to need someone to help anchor him or he’ll go off the deep end like his cousin. Because we can’t have two villains in this story.

Here’s to hoping we’ll have a second season soon.

Until Next Time

You can find more screenshots from this episode on my Pinterest.