Tower of God 01 – BALL

She wanted to see the stars.

He wanted to be with her.

What do you desire that you would give your life for?

Only those with the strength to survive can acquire that which they seek at the stop of the tower.

I started this series like I do almost all others. Without any prior knowledge. I have not read the webtoon and have only glanced over the synopsis to type it in this post. I added this show to my spring watch list based off of the raving five star reccomendations from my facebook anime group. I did not intend to like it but I do. I really like do. I’m confused as hell which is my own fault because I should have read the webtoon. Nevertheless I have come to a few conclusions. One I’m going to have to read the webtoon because I’m addicted now. Two. This anime is not what I thought it was going to be.

First things first STRAY KIDS did an amazing job on the opening and ending songs. I love this for them and it fits there theme so well. I don’t normally comment on opening and ending songs but I actually know these artist so…

Another thing I don’t noramlly comment on is art style or grapics. Mostly because I’m not hard to please and partly because it’s not my expertise. This art style has let me a bit perplexed. I’m not really sure that I like it but I’m also not sure that I hate it either. Yet it bothers me in a way no other show has before. I think it’s creative definitely. Not creative in that mom not trying to hurt her five year olds feeling way. It looks like an animated procreate drawing which I don’t have a problem with I just don’t know how I feel about it. Strangely.

Moving on

I have to face the fact that I have a problem. I immediately dislike any character who shows signs of disloyalty. Rachel just abandoned Bam. She knew what she meant to him and she just left him. I’m all for someone following their dreams but there had to be a better way then just literally running away from the man.

Bam is freaking adorable. He’s also a bit dense but I love his willingness to do what ever it takes to reach his goal. Even if that goal is underserving of his time and attention.

Yuri is quickly becoming my favorite character. I have a penchant for the bad girls. Yuri isn’t one sided though immediately you can see she cares for others even if it’s in a unusual way.

Hedon reminds of the bunny from Alice in Wonderland but evil. I don’t know what his motives truly are or if he’s even evil formal but that smile that never changes creeps me out.

Here’s a list of thing I understand but don’t understand but have willingly accepted.

  • The tower thing as a whole. Why is it there? How did it come to be?
  • Irregulars. Who picks who gets to enter the tower? Why is it that when the tower chooses someone they’re the ‘irregular’?
  • The tests. That started out as a solo prove yourself type of thing to hunger games real quick. [I’m not complaining but it took me by surprise.]

I’ll conclude this post by informing you that I’m completely spell bound by this new series. I can see this quickly becoming a favorite among the masses.

Until Next Time

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