The 8th son? Are you kidding me? 01

It seems like every anime I watch these days is set out to completely confuse me in the first five minutes. For me there were too many time jumps. I get that they needed to show he was a man living in the present or our world [they didn’t really define that aspect so I have no idea] and somehow was transported somewhere else and into the body of someone else. They could have done that from the very beginning.

Instead they show him as a grown man in his new body, then him in his old body, and finally him as a five year old boy in the new body [which they should have done that from the start]. It just bugged me that I got introduced to about twenty different characters most without a name and they don’t even matter yet.

Oh and I’m not even going to touch on how they played the opening song twelve minutes into the episode.

Moving on to some of things I really liked about this episode.

When the main character first realizes he’s not in a dream and this is his new reality he’s surrounded by glitz and glamour. He’s excited to be in a wealthy environment, eat good food and that he’s the third son. Only to find out that the family was putting on airs. They’re poor as hell and he’s the 8th son to parents how can’t read. He’s still a noble though.

I have a thing for small children in anime. They’re just so cute. I’m completely transfixed by Wendelin and his humor. Mainly because he’s trying to be funny. For example his face when he found out he was the 8th son of a poor noble family.

I’m also a sucker for anything with magic in it. So imagine my face when I see an intellectual magic man [who happens to have the face of a fae] come to Wendelins aide and helps him with his first magic spell. The episode ends with the intellectual magic man telling Wendelin that he’s a court magician and that he’ll be a better magician than he ever was.

That right there my friends is why I’m going to keep watching. I always say it doesn’t take much to please me. As long as I’m entertained I’m good. I feel like I’m proving that to be true during this Spring anime season.

Overall this episode was alright. Am I completely taken with it? No. Is Wendelin’s cute face the main reason I’ll be tuning in for episode two? Yes. I by the way and not ashamed of it either. lol.

Until Next Time 

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