My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! 01 – I Recalled the Memories of My Past Life

First and foremost this title is long as hell. Now that I got that out of the way I can tell you how pleasantly surprised I am by this series [so far]. I’m not going to lie and say that in the first ten minutes I wasn’t skeptical and didn’t contemplate closing my laptop and walking away. I did multiple times. It was right after Catarina hit her head and regained memories from her past life that my interest was peaked.

This episode did in fact remind me of all the otome games I started and never finished but with a twist. It came off boring and cliché in the beginning but as soon as Catarina’s real personality came out my opinion changed. I love the idea that there’s this whole narrative that’s supposed to play out and Catarina’s basically like fuck that. I’m going to live a long healthy life let me fix shit. I love that everyone’s scrambling around trying to figure out why she’s changed so much.

This series doesn’t seem like it’s going to be as shallow as I’d originally thought. What really did it for me was Keith. His backstory sucked me in, in a way only dramatic animes can. Watching the brother sister bond form between Katarina and Keith is honestly whats going to keep me coming back. I love those little people already.

Catarina has seemingly turned into a sassy, daring, and caring young lady. She has way to many debates with the little versions of herself in her head [but don’t we all]. Geordo seems to be a jerk [but aren’t most princes]. Alan is probably going to be the dark and mysterious but kind type of prince. While we have yet to meet the girl all the boys are supposed to fall in love with I’m betting she’ll be nothing like she’s supposed to be.

As cliché as these characters seem to be at the moment [because yes, even Keith’s dramatic backstory isn’t something that hasn’t been done a million times] I’m going to keep watching. I have faith that things can only get better or at the very least I’ll fall in love with Cat and Keiths family bond. Because right now at this point I’m watching it for them anyways.

Until Next Time

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