Wave, Listen to Me! 01 – I’ll Never Forgive You

So I did it. I broke down and signed up for Funimation. With this newly purchased streaming service I know have access to many shows I didn’t previously have access to before. So yay for me but boo for my bank account. Anyways. . .

I’m so torn about this series [well, at least episode one]. There are very distinctive things I don’t like while other things intrigue me. I feel like I should start on a lighter more positive note. I found having an all adult cast in a modern setting is refreshing from my usual fantasy and paranormal theme.

I feel like we all can relate to Minare. Who hasn’t gotten a little too intoxicated and said a little too much? Or woken up the next day and barely remembering how you got in your bed? Or struggling with the emotions from a break up and trying your best to get over it because you have things that are more of a priority than your wayward emotions? Just me. Okay.

Minare is a relatable character. From her regular apartment to her day job. The only issue I have with her character is she’s so loud. It seems like she’s always screaming or angry about something. It’s over the top and a bit annoying.

It was shady how Kanetsugu recorded Minare while she was drunk venting but I feel like he did it for a reason. After all he gave her his business card. When Minare came to the station obviously angry he allowed her to enter the booth and take over. After implying that he was waiting on her. He must have found her entertaining and plotted to get her to his station. Airing her drunk ramblings was a scheme to get her there because he didn’t know where to find her.

Now here’s a list of things I didn’t like.

  • Minare’s screaming. It seems a bit misplaced and over the top.
  • The whole first five to seven minutes. What the hell was that bear scene. I mean I get it but it wasn’t funny and rather pointless.

Yeah that’s about it. Will I keep watching? Yes, because I see potential in this series. I see a lot of things that it could be given it’s a romance. I also do like the all adult cast that alone gives this series a lot of possiblites.

Overall this wasn’t a great first episode and if I was to use this episode as a bases for watching episode two then I wouldn’t be watching episode two. I’ve been putting a lot of faith into series with some not so great first episodes this spring so why not throw my hand in with this one too.

Until Next Time

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