Kakushigoto 01 – Secrets/Wishes

It seems that I’m unsure about most of the series coming out this season. I keep saying I’m pleasantly surprised after almost every anime I’ve watched this week. The statement holds true. I knew that this anime would be good but I had my doubt on whether or not I’d be entertained by it.

I was entertained.

The episode starts with eighteen year old Hime going to a shack behind a popular shopping district with a key that was given to her on her birthday. She’s on her way to uncover her fathers secret. Then the opening song plays. I only mention the opening song and credits because they made a point to show Hime with her father as she grows up but when she in her late teens she’s by herself. Which implies that he died? I don’t know but it immediately tugged on my heart strings.

We’re a witness to the birth of Hime. A proud father moment until the nurses ask Kakushi if he’s the well known ecchi manga artist. Thus he comes to the decision right there holding his new born daughter that she’ll never know he draws those type of manga. Fast forward a few years and Hime’s around seven or eight. Mom is known where to be found [though a few references are shown throughout the episode]. We’re left to wonder what happened. Did she die? Did she leave them?

Kakushi Goto turns out to be a funny guy. He’s obviously a great manga artist and is well known but fears his daughters judgement. I honestly don’t think he has anything to fear. Hime seems like she’d love her father no matter what his profession was. This whole episode was highly entertaining. His relationship with Hime is adorable. Hime seems wise beyond her years.

The funniest thing about this episode was all the little Easter eggs that were dropped through out. It tickled my feathers that they had an Attack on Titan reference when the voice actor for Kakushi is also the voice actor for Levi. The also had a coffee shop that looked very similar to Starbucks.

Until Next Time

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