Listeners 01 – Live Forever

Somewhere between the ages of eight and ten I use to sneak downstairs and watch Toonami while my mom was sleep. Cowboy Bebop, Ghost In A Shell, Full Metal Alchemist, etc. I tell you this becauseListeners has given me a surreal sense of nostalgia. Suddenly I feel like that ten year old girl again excited about watching anime that was too old for me [except now it’s not]. From the 90’s animation style to the way the episode unfolded. I’m completely taken in by this series already.

The synopsis given via Funimation is In a world devoid of music, Echo and a young amnesiac girl named Mu journey to uncover her past and save humanity from the Earless. This in no way describes the first episode or the series for that matter.

Let’s get down to business [yes, that’s a Mulan quote].

The first scene is of a young Echo witnessing something that we aren’t meant to fully understand yet and then we fast forward a bit. I don’t know exactly how old Echo is now but I’m guessing somewhere between eighteen and twenty. He lives upstairs from an bar that his sister owns in a run down town. He picks through garbage for a living like everyone else in his town which instantly reminded me of gold miners. Echo was described as having a old soul by his sister which I agree with. He seemed content with his lifestyle. Just grateful for what he had and finding little joys in his everyday mundane life. Sure he had dreams and aspirations but he thought of them as just that dreams and aspirations. He had no thought to persure anything until he found Mu.

Echo found Mu asleep in a pile of garbage. She was obviously knocked unconscious and thrown away. Yet, she has no idea who she is or that she’s even a Player. Echo briefly fills her in and show her his hobby. I like Mu’s character because even though she doesn’t remember who she is or even how she got where she’s at it’s not portrayed as a weakness. Instead she takes things in stride and questions Echo on the foundation of his life. Why do you have these dream and talents and keep them hidden?

Before Echo can process this new way of thinking Mu has introduced the Earless show up. Echo run to Mu with his equipment and they work together to save his town. I’m definitely down playing the many things that happened and the impact it really made on the episode but I feel like I’ve already told too much.

Random commentary.

  • Echo is such an old man and adorable toddler all wrapped in one fluffy little body.
  • A lot of the humor was low brow and came from Mu which is oddly refreshing.
  • The Earless look like shadow mice. Just freaking huge.

Things I’m still confused about [besides what the writers want me to confused about].

  • Why is there no music?
  • What are Players? Are they human? Are they selected and put through surgery?

Episode one was a whirlwind of nostalgia and confusion in the very best way possible. I’m intrigued and excited for episode two. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure somethings out.

Until Next Time

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