Tower of God 02 – 3/400 [Confused asf]

This series is so good. Like unbelievably good. It just sucks you in and doesn’t let go until the end credit roll. I’m just in complete awe at how good it is I need a moment before I even begin to type up actual thoughts.

I have so many questions. I have so many thought on the characters being introduced. My thoughts on Rachael are probably going to be unpopular but first I want to talk about Bam.

Bam is so adorable. I don’t know why that’s always the first thought that comes to mind when I think of him but I love him so much already. A lot of times when a character loses their memory or is sheltered throughout life in some way. It plays out a a hinderance they must overcome in their story. I like that Bam’s memory loss and ignorance is just one part of him. He ask’s questions and he’s set his mind on a goal he’s unwilling to give up. I like that about his character. I also like how he’s super kind hearted [ for now].

Now this is the part where I talk about Rachael and this will also play into some theories I have in regards to her, Bam, and their relationship. The first episode made it seem like she found Bam and cared for him but this episode made me see things a little differently.

Okay, so here’s my theory:

Bam was a Regular who made it to the top to the tower but was kicked out. Rachael was also a Regular who made it to the top of the tower previously as well. She searched for Bam but was a probably told not to. When she found him she realized he’d lost his memory and had no choice but to play along like she’d just randomly found him. She told him about the stars that could only be seen from the top of the tower. She talked to him about conflict. Then asked him if he would fight somebody for her. he obviously said he would.

Rachael ingrained a sense of loyalty in Bam. She gave him all the love, attention, and light that he’d forgotten and craved. Knowing all along that she was going to go back to the tower. She knew that Bam would follow her back to where he belongs. She needs Bam.


The tower seems to be run in a hierarchy kind of way with the king at the top as a absolute power. Now we all know how well those type of governments work. They don’t. There’s always a mad grab for power. Devious plots to kill to kill the king. Revolts between the rich and the common people. We see this kind of already happening within the tests. People questioning the why’s and how’s of things. How come they were brought this far only to be told they weren’t good enough? Khun is a great example of not wanting to just play the game like a puppet. Wanting to gather like minded people to make it to the top together. It seems like he has a different agenda as well [maybe a plot to kill the king].

The Rachael in my theory is also like Khun she has her own agenda but she needs Bam. There are already references being made towards Bam about his still unearthed strength. Is Bam really passing these tests by pure luck or does he unknowingly have some strengths yet to discovered? I going with the latter. Of course I could be wrong. As the episodes go on I’m betting more and more odd things will happen in regards to Bam. Eventually we’ll know the truth.

There’s not a whole lot to say about the episode in itself. There are a ton of cool fight scenes. Allegiances are made. Bam gets questions answered by one of the Rankers. We’re now at test three. The appeal to this show is the not knowing. They’ve given us a brand new world with hundreds or different type of players and no real explanations for anything. Which has curious minds like mine begging for the next episode ASAP.

Until Next Time

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