Quarantine, Blogging, and Mental Health

This is me.

I feel you can’t talk about quaratine with mentioning mental health. If I’m honest [and as you know I always am] my mental health has been shot. I burned out during a quaratine. I think my regularly scheduled life had me always running that when I had to stop I didn’t hit the brakes. I’ve been gone from this blogfor over a month. There were many days where I wanted so bad to watch anime and blog about it yet I just couldn’t gather the energy to actually do it.

For some people quarantine is like a paid vacation for others [like me] it sucks. Your life just changed in a matter of days and there’s no way to tell if it will ever go back to the way it was. Suddenly the thought of watching an anime and writing about it was an extra burden not the fun hobby it was supposed to be. I was overwhelmed by choices I never thought needed to be made. Relying on others when I never had to before and my life became a shit show [it still kind of is].

What have I been doing during my absence? You’re probably wondering. Well, my friend I’ve been escaping. I’ve fell into my try and true habit of avoidance. I binged watched some of my favorite old tv shows [ The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Arrow, and Flash] and reread some of my favorite books but mostly I played Animal Crossing, slept a lot and ate a whole lot more.

I can’t say for certain I’m back full force but I’m here and I’m going to be posting again. I haven’t given up on my blog completely. I’ve missed writing it’s in my blood and I can’t go to long without at least attempting to dive back in or I might actually lose my mind. I obviously have a lot to catch up on and you know me I will.

How has your mental health been? How’s quarantine treating you?

Until Next Time