Cardcaptor Sakura – Sakura and The Mysterious Magic book, Sakura’s Wonderful Friend, & Sakura’s Heart-racing First Date.

Let me start off by stating growing up this show was of my favorite shows. It practically helped define my personality and got me through a ton of emotional turmoil. Rewatching this has been a blessing and a curse. While I feel a sense of nostalgia as I’m watching I’m also cringing at the same time. I can admit part of the problem is that I’ve been watching the dubbed. I thought that because I watched it as a child it would be okay but it wasn’t. I can safely say I’m not a fan of dubs and never will be. You’re probably wondering why am I watching an anime from 1998. The answer is very simple. I want to know if the shows I loved as a kid are really as great as I think they are. Plus it’s quarentine and I have a lot of time on my hands now.

Episode One: Sakura and The Mysterious Magic Book – I didn’t like this episode for many reasons. The first being too much narration. This whole episode was basically narrated by Sakura. I get a sense that they were trying to figure out how they wanted the characters to sound because every single voice grated on my nerves. Overall though I did enjoy re-experiencing the relationships between Sakura and Toya and Tomoyo and Sakura. Also who doesn’t love kero he’s practically my spirit animal.

Episode Two: Sakura’s Wonderful Friend – I remembered this episode well. I feel like you can’t talk about this episode without mentioning Tomoyo. Growing up I wanted to be Tomoyo so bad. I know that sounds strange considering how Sakura is the man character and what little girl didn’t want to be a magical girl. Tomoyo to me was the embodiment of a self assured secure girl who had a great sense of fashion. Not to mention she is a loyal friend, kind and supportive. I’m still trying to be Tomoyo til this day not to mention we both have a huge crush on Toya Sakura’s brother.

Episode Three: Sakura’s Heart-racing First Date – This episode has been my favorite so far. Sakura has gone from a whiny little girl to someone who is capable of problem solving and stepping up to the plate. Water also happens to be one of my favorite cards. Yukito reminds me of what an angel is supposed to be. He has this gentle and calming aura that surrounds him. He always soft spoken and understanding. I can defiantly see the appeal there. I love how the writers let us see a relationship form between them but not in a creepy way. It’s clear Sakura has a crush on him and even though he doesn’t return it he still treats her kindly. You don’t question why Yukito is taking Sakura to the aquarium you just see it as something adorable and sweet. You also aren’t surprised to see Toya working at the cafe there. I love how Toya knows about his sisters crush and kind of just roles his eyes at it instead of becoming overprotective or calling her on it.

Overall considering the targeted audience is fourth graders it’s still captivating or it could be I’m biased to 90’s anime and animation. Sakura started out with The Windy card and so far has captured The Fly, The Shadow and The Water. The plot is moving along quickly. There aren’t any moments where the scenes drag out more than there needed to. The writers have also been making sure to incorporate her everyday life. A lot of times with fantasy anime the show seems to forget that the main character is supposed to be in school or at home.

I’m going to keep watching and update you on my thoughts as the series continues.

Until Next Time