Kakushigoto 02 – Beach Sandals and B4/ Don’t Place, Don’t Draw, Don’t Finsh Up

One thing that I like about Kakushigoto is how one episode is split into two segments. Kakushigoto comes off as a fluff series. It’s bright, playful and comedic most of the time. Normally I wouldn’t continue to watch a series like this because I’m easily bored but Kakushigoto has heavily hidden mysteries [I’ll explain later, I promise].

In Beach Sandals and B4 Hime goes on an overnight camping trip with her school and Kakushi goes to extreme lengths to make sure Hime gets the best experience possible. In reality he actually kind of made it worse. Not much happened in this half of the episode but there was one part that really tugged on my heart string. I was equally pissed that a ten year old could be so inconsiderate and understanding because he’s only ten. What really did me in was her reaction. Every part of me wanted to pull her in for a big hug and tell her everything will be alright and she doesn’t always have to be so strong.

Hime’s teacher told Kakushi that maybe Hime chooses not to think about the things she couldn’t change. I personally feel like the teacher was right.

In Don’t Place, Don’t Draw, Don’t Finish Up Kakushi and Hime go to a festival where multiple vendors knock off one of his manga characters. In an attempt to keep Hime from seeing the knock off he buys all of them and has his coworkers [who just happen to be at the festival as well] take them to the office.

In the beginning of this post I stated that this series has hidden mysteries. It also has a bit of foreshadowing as well and yes now I’m going to explain all of that. Days later Kakushi is printing the pictures he took of Hime at the festival and asks her about the kimono she was wearing. She tells him the neighbor said it was homemade and she’d found it in the box that was marked ten years. I don’t think anyone will understand how fast my heart was beating when Kakushi looked shocked and went to the closet. In the closet there are sixteen years worth of boxes. Hime said she only opened up to ten years because she’s only ten.

I want to know what happened to Hime’s mother. Did she die? Did she abandon them? Because every time her mother is mentioned or referenced Kakushi get this look about him. He never talks to Hime about her. It’s like it’s this big secret and I want to know why. At this point I feel like he goes to great lengths to hide the world from Hime. Instead of telling her that her mother left the boxes and kimono for her when she asks him to sew her a dress he learns how to sew instead. Like why?

The end of this episode is fast forwarded and we get another glimpse of seventeen year old Hime. Like the beginning of episode one seventeen year old Hime is in the secret house where Kakushi keeps all his manga. I’d originally assumed that Kakushi gave her the key on her seventeenth birthday but a few of his coworkers pull up and disabuse that notion.

Overall I have so many questions like where is Kakushi in the future? At this point I have no choice but to keep watching. My imagination won’t let me rest until I have answers. It also helps that Kakushi is an adorable father and Hime so freaking cute.

Until Next Time

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