The Titan’s Bride: Chapters 1 -6

“There’s no need to worry. I’ll keep my promise. You just need to lose yourself in the ecstasy.” -Caius the Titan

I know it’s only six chapters but there is so much to comment on. The first two chapters I was completely taken in by. I thought they were hilarious which in hindsight they probably weren’t meant to be. The things I really like about this manga are also the same things I’m side-eyeing. As you read this commentary please keep in mind that I know that manga does tend to walk the line between edgy and problematic.

In the first chapter Kouichi comes off as this self assured high school senior. He’s on the basketball team. All the girls love him and sign his basketball. Then he gets summoned to Tildant and his personality does a 160. He’s always on the verge of crying.

“I may be pushy, but I will never do anything to make you cry. So Kouichi please accept me.” -Caius the Titan

The Titan’s Bride quickly became problematic in chapter three all the way to chapter six. The first sex scene Caius comes off very pushy but then apologies by admitting that he got carried away and didn’t consider Kouichi’s feelings. Yet he continously forces himself on Kouichi even when he’s saying no. In all three sexual interactions so far Kouichi starts by being completely against them but I guess inevitably gives in to the pleasure.

While I’m criticizing the first six chapters I’ll just throw in that out of all the different ways the plot could go the author uses “let’s see if we can make it a month then if it doesn’t I’ll send you home.” What Caius fails to mention in this bargin is that he does not plan to give Kouichi a chance to think. He plans to give him so much pleasure that he’ll agree to become his bride. Which admittedly does work but it’s seriously cliche┬┤as fuck.

Now that I’ve finished dragging the first six chapters I’m now able to contradict myself by informing you that while the sexual interactions do seem forced upon Kouichi they’re hot as hell. Caius is hot, tall, built, a prince and he got some melanin in his skin. What has kept me reading though is because while I’m sure it’s not supposed to be funny all of Caius and Kouichi interactions tickle my funny bone. Another thing I really like is the actual humor that was purposely added. It’s dry and kind of corny but really what manga doesn’t have corny humor in it.

See I did manage to find some good in-between all of the problematic bullshit. I forgot to mention that at the end of chapter six there this woman just staring out her window watching Caius and Kouichi get nasty and that has peeked my interest. A lot.

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