My Next Life as a Villianess: All Routes Lead To Doom 02 – A Prince Challenged Me To a Fight…

I wasn’t sure I was still going to be into this series again because I didn’t remember a whole lot about the first episode but let me tell you… I still freaking love it. This series is so pure and light hearted but in no way boring. Catarina is basically my spirit animal. I was worried that she would have to carry the show on her back because all the other characters personalities seemed dull in comparison. In this episode the other characters really stepped on the stage and showed out.

Episode two takes place a few months after Catarina regains her memories and starts with Geordo, Keith and Catarina at her garden trying to figure out why her vegetables are wilting. You can tell Keith loves his sister something fierce and doesn’t like Geordo coming around everyday to wait on her. You can also sense that Geordo isn’t too happy with Catarinas little brother sticking to her like glue. Their passive aggressive standoff gave me life.

Later on Cat’s invited to a tea party [because the rich drink tea and socialize] and Keith is sent with her to help keep her in line. Which honestly speaks volumes about Catarina’s personality. She meets Mary the fourth Hunt sister who seems shy and uncomfortable in social situations. They bond over plants and farming which leads to Mary coming to visit Cat a lot. They become fast friends and Cat unknowingly helps boost Mary’s confidence. I love how you can see Mary develop a girl crush on Cat and how Cat’s words and friendship help her become more confident in herself.

I wasn’t the only one to notice Mary’s crush on Cat. Prince Alan Mary’s betrothed and Prince Geordo’s younger brother noticing as well. Resulting in him popping up at Cat’s home unannounced and accusing Cat of trying to seduce Mary. I could not stop laughing and I think I actually rewound a couple of times. Alan issues a challenge to Cat and allows her to pick. Big mistake. I won’t say what the challenge was but I will tell you he lost over and over and over. Alan quickly becomes another regular at Casa Claes much to Geordo’s displeasure.

My only complaint about this episode is that I would have liked for Alan to have withheld his background story just a little longer. For a kid who has so much pride he was too forthcoming with his woes. The situation did help Cat’s personality and kindness shine through as well as solidifying their relationship. Before I end this post I just have to touch on Geordo. I can’t figure him out. I can’t tell if he’s a cold heart manipulating prince or if he just likes Cat and gets jealous. Anyways. . .

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