QQ Sweeper – The Perfect Example of Why You Should Never Judge a Manga By it’s Title

QQ Sweeper by Motomi Kyousuke began being published by Viz Media on October 6, 2015 with three volumes before switching its title to Queen’s Quality. Which I personally think is a better title. What does the QQ even stand for? Anyways the genre for this manga is dark fantasy, romance and supernatural. Right up my ally. I picked up the three volumes from my local library after noticing the newest release for Queens Quality. I was skeptical at first but in the end completely blown away. This post may contain a few spoilers I’ll try my best to keep it to a minimum.

Volume One was a bit confusing because there was so much information given without a lot context. The plot is set up beautifully to where by the end of volume three we know exactly what this stories about but not enough to know how it will end. The basic plot is people are plagued with negtive emotions often times the product of bugs whispering in ones ear. Sweepers are people who have the ability to get rid of the bugs and refresh your mind by traveling into your subconcious. So basically a bomb ass therapist.

Fumi is our main girl and I have to admit I love her. While she suffers from amnesia it’s not in a cliche way. You don’t even know she has amnesia until volume two and it’s because she tells you. Fumi is happy go lucky most of the time and that can be a bit annoying but when she reaches her breaking point and snaps it’s a thing of beauty. The only thing thast irratated me about her character was her whole prince charming goal but as the series continued even that had a rather adorable and heart wrenching explantion. I love me a badass heroine.

Kyutaro is or main boy. I love him every bit as much as I love Fumi. The original description of his character from the synopsis is that he’s unfriendly. I think that’s complete bullshit. Kyutaro has a lot on his plate. He was born a sweeper so he grew up with heavy responsibilities and a huge legacy plus he’s rich. He’s not going to be your average teenage boy. He doesn’t have time to do normal teenage things. He just doesn’t put up with bullshit and I can get behind that. In these first three volumes Kyutaro is anything but unfriendly. He’s funny, sweet and very kind to Fumi. When he learned she was homeless he refused to have her kicked out of his home. He even went so far as to help her pass her cleaning test so she could become a sweeper.

At first I thought this was going to be a lukewarm romance about a girl losing her memory and a boys falling in love with her and helping her get it back. I almost rated this three stars then I opened volume three and my rating bumped up. I love a love triangle done right. Even though I don’t think this will be a typical love triangle as the villain who wants Fumi does seem to be toying with her, it’s still really good. Why do the bad boys have to be so freaking hot? When our villain entered the picture it brought to light some very interesting details and put together a few missing pieces of Fumi’s life before she lost her memory. Now I have no choice but to rush back to my library because I need more.

Over all I’d rate this five stars on Goodreads if I actually remembered to update my reading list. I’m excited to read the next volume under the new title which I still believe is ten times better that this one. Honestly if I hadn’t seen this series under Queen’s Quality I would have never picked this manga up. I would have missed out on such a great manga. Don’t be like me. Never judge a manga by it’s title.

Until Next Time