Mini Review – SKYWARD Vol. 1-3

I don’t read a lot of comic books. I’ve read a handful of Harley Quinn, Young Justice, and Black Widow. So I was more than pleasently surprise by Skyward.

Skyward is based on an Earth that has lost its gravity. The protagonist is Willa. The daughter of the man who helped get rid of gravity. She wants to explore the world but after a tragic accident that left her motherless her father is strongly against it. Throw in a corrupt government, a handful of street walkers (the members of society who refuse to accept their new reality), and some crazy adaptations to wildlife. It’s a quick paced three volume comic that’s everything you need in a beachside or in. our cases a back porch read.

What I liked

  • I think the one thing I liked most about this comic was the diversity of the characters. I’m talking race, disability, gender identification, and lgbtq relationships.
  • The unpredictable ending.

What I didn’t like

  • The fast pace of the series. I feel like if they wanted to they could have given more gave us a more thorough telling.
  • The romance. I feel like it was an afterthought. Like there were hints of a romance but it was never really built upon and then all of a sudden BAM.
Until Next Time