The sad truth about my relationship with anime.

Dear Anime,

You know it’s been a long time coming. My inconsistency and withdrawal. My eyes have wandered elsewhere and I know you’ve noticed. It’s time I’ve made it official. It’s time for us to take a break.

I’ve decided we need some space. I know it’s not ideal for either of us and I agree in the Winter we were in such a good place. Somali and the Forest Spirit, Inspectre, and One Piece carried our relationship on their backs and then Spring came. Summer followed and slowly but surely I started seeing other hobbies. I found contentment in book and manga leaving my Crunchyroll playlist forgotten.Leaving you alone.

But who’s really to blame Crunchyroll, or me? Maybe both of us. All I know is that until I find the spark you once set on fire. It’s best that we go our separate ways. In the words of my queen Rihanna “I don’t want to do this anymore, I don’t want to be the reason why, every time I walk out the door I see him(you) die a little more inside.”

Forever yours,

No but seriously I’m taking a break from anime because nothing is really interesting to me right now and I refuse to force myself to watch something. Feel free to leave me suggestions. Seriously leave me suggestions.

Until Next Time