Anime Recap: Kiznaiver 01, 02, 03

After eight Harry Potter movies, two Fantastic Beasts prequels and season two of the Umbrella Academy I think I’m finally ready to dive back into the anime world. What better way than with Kiznaiver. I actually knew very little about this series until it showed up on HBO Max under Crunchyroll Collection. The plot is as follows in the futuristic, fictional Japanese town of Sugomori City the city appears to be normal, but it was created to test a large-scale experiment known as the Kizna System, which connects people through shared pain and suffering, both physical and emotional. Those who are connected to the system are called “Kiznaivers”.) Now doesn’t that sound interesting.

Episode 01: Sometimes, a Bond Can Bloom from the First Day Eye Contact Is Made.

In the first minute they give us a young girl with flowing white hair standing on top of what looked to be a crumbled building and a young Katsuhira running to her. She delivers a cryptic message to our young Katsuhira about bringing his pain back and then his hair goes white. Cue the intro song and throw us into present day where Chidori is chiding Katsuhira about him letting himself be bullied. All in all this episode seemed like it was mundane until Noriko comes along who to me resembled the young girl from the beginning (I smell a theory). She’s the one who introduces us to the rest of the main cast by dubbing them the seven deadly sins well kind of. I agree with Katsuhira when he said it’s like she’s just insulting them. I’m hoping that the seven sins to actual play a role throughout the season. That would be interesting.

How Noriko labeled the sins

CharacterNoriko’s SinActual Sin
Katsuhira MoronSloth
ChidoriGoody Too-ShoesEnvy
HajimeMusclehead ThugWrath
NicoEccentric HeadcaseGreed
TsuguhitoTwo-Faced Normie Gulttony
HonokaHigh and MightyPride
Via Wikipedia (don’t judge me I was confused and needed answers. Am I more confused now? Yes.)

Honestly I still have so many question and the only thing that makes sense is Noriko’s explanation of the Kizna System. Also I have some thought about Noriko but I’ll reserve my judgment at least until after episode 2.

Episode 02: If You Can Swallow a Bizarre Situation Like This So Easily, Two Buckets of Barium Shouldn’t Be a Problem

I can’t figure out what this anime is about. I mean I get the whole Kizna System but what’s the real plot? In this episode there’s a huge emphasis on how different the characters are. It’s clear that Noriko and Katsuhira have a bond one he obviously can’t remember. I don’t think I mentioned in my recap of episode one that Katsuhira can’t feel anything. Not emotions or physical pain. I don’t think I even fully comprehended that. This episode picks up where it left off. Noriko demands that they get to know each other my introducing themselves. Only her version of introductions is a little twisted. She wants them to divulge their deepest secrets and if they say the wrong thing a physical punishment is dealt.

There were some silly, expected and shocking reveals this episode. But the real tea is this theory I’m working on. Okay, I know my theories tend to be out there but just hear me out. So we know the city they live in was made to be an experiment for the Kizna System but what if Katsuhira was born to be the tester. Noriko reminds me of that little girl in the beginning of episode one and it’s clear she remembers something Katsuhira should but doesn’t. What if she did something to take away his emotions as a kid just so she could test the system on him. The ultimate test would be to see if you could make the emotionless feel something, anything. Noriko focuses on the pain aspect but by the end of episode two Katsuhira says he feels happy. He hasn’t felt anything before this so. . .

Episode 03: Depending on How You Look At It, I Think We Could Get Through Anything… Right?

Today’s episode was about finding the unknown seventh member of the Kizna System. Today’s episode was a lot less serious and leaned towards comedy with some old fashioned slap stick. The seventh and final member of this little experiment is Yoshiharu. Who Noriko has dubbed as the sin of Immoralist. I didn’t need Wikipedia to figure out which real sin he was supposed to represent because by the end of the episode it was very clear. Yoshiiharu’s sin is Lust. He gets off on pain and was probably the only member that actually agreed to this experiment.

Now I’m more confused than ever. I have no idea what is actually happening or where this series is going to go. I think that’s the gag. Nothing makes since so you want to watch until it does. Well played writers, well played.

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