Mini Manga Update Vol 02

Welcome to another volume of manga commentary. As always you’ll be subjected to my unfiltered thoughts. There were more series I wanted to add to this volume but decided I rather read five volumes of the same manga. Which quite hoenstly left me mindblown. I blinked my eyes and it was Monday. I’d promised myself I post this Sunday and look at what day it is. Yeah. . .

Shuriken and Pleats Vol 1 & 2

I was not impressed. This is coming from someone who absolutely adored Vampire Knight. The main plot was on point. Conspiracy, ninjas, traitors. It had everything it needed to be an amazing short two volume manga. I was expecting a badass protagonist instead I got a codependent emotional mess. The characters were all over the place. Matsuri Hino kept hinting at romance specifically a love triangle but it was awkward. The passion really wasn’t there. Then there was huge age gaps that were acknowledged but then easily forgotten. I don’t even know how to explain without spoiling it. This manga was kind of a shit show.

Devils Line Vol 1-4

Everybody in my facebook group said I should have watched the manga. For once I agree. This manga is quick paced and action packed. It’s something would have binge watched and loved every fight scene. But what’s done is done. Oh well. This is definitely different from any other vampire related book, manga, or show I’ve watched. Normally the vampires have all the control and the humans are the ones oppressed (whether they know it or not). It’s odd seeing the tables turned. I’m definitly into the plot. I’m really starting to get into conspiracy manga/anime (I don’t even know who I am right now). Romance wise I don’t know how I feel about Anzai and Tsukasa. Specifcally Tsukasa. Her personality grates my nerves just a little. I think it’s because she reminds me of Kagome from Inuyasha. That protagnist that has so much potential but alway ALWAYS ends up relying on the other characters for EVERYTHING. I’m just hoping the writers boss Tsukasa up a little becuase I love a badass queen.

Bloody Cross Vol 7

I don’t think I’ve ever properly described this series. Bloody Cross is messy as hell and I’m here for it. This manga is supposed to be about finding the next god. Basically there are angels that are god candidates and they have to go through a series of quests to collect gods relicts. The candidate with the most relicts becomes god. Should be simple right? Wrong! There is so much drama between the quests that the plot kind of gets muddy. Am I here for the plot or for the drama? I don’t know. What I do know is some new players got added to the game. Now they have all the relicts. Tsukimiya got brainwashed. Some new alliances were made but Hinata still looking to double-cross someone. I’ve accepted the fact that Hinata and Tsukimiya becoming romantically involved most likely isn’t going to happen. Nao has no spine and can be brought with pretty words. I’m probably being unfair considering he’s fighting for his life. The god candidates are kind of fucked up and nowhere near as benevolent as a god should be. I think that’s what makes it so good. How everyone’s fighting to become this almighty power but none of them deserve it.

Queen’s Quality Vol 4 -8

This has to be my favorite manga of the year. Kyousuke Motomi has definitely made it on my list of artist/writers to be on the look out for. I’ve said previsously that I felt like Fumi’s personality was a bit annoying. Quite frankly her lack of sadness bugged me. She was cheerful to the point of akwardness. But my girl decided it was time to spread her wings and became the badass queen I knew she could be. Needless to say these last four volumes dosed me with serotonin. I laughed, I cried, I threw the book down everytime Fumi and Kyutaro were in a questionable situtation. Then picked it up to reread the dialouge. It was really nice to be thrust into the Genbu clan and meet more of the family as the plot blossomed. Nothing happened the way I thought it would. Seriously the bad guy wasn’t even really the bad guy. A lot of dots started connecting while new ones popped up. I finally FINALLY got the love confession I’ve been looking for. Even though that wasn’t how I expected it to be. it was still nice. Ms. Kyousuke left me on a cliff hanger I really don’t appreciate but love her even more for it.

I’ve actually been updating my Goodreads and I’m super proud of myself for staying on top of that. Now if only I could figure out how to make my Instagram more aesthetically pleasing before the year’s over.