Anime Recap: Kiznaiver 04, 05, 06

Episode 04 – Now That We’re All Connected, Lets All Get to Know Each Other better, ‘Kay?

Watching this anime is like putting a puzzle together but starting with the edges. You know that everything will eventually come together but you’re brain’s still trying to figure out how. These episode are like puzzle pieces just when you think you’ve finally finished you find out there’s still a piece missing. Is it under the table? Did you throw it out with the packaging? Episode four made me realize I’m still missing quite a few puzzle pieces. Originally I’d thought Noriko was the big bad meany but upon further inspection I’m starting to get the feeling that everything is not as it seems with this Kinaiver situtation. Everything suddenly seems a lot more complicated. On the romance front things are started to get a little spicy. Someone’s in love, someone has a crush, someone’s jealous and someone’s plotting. I can tell this is going to get messy fast and I’m here for it.

Episode 05 – Wahoo, It’s a Training Camp! Let’s Step in Deer Poop and Have Pillow Fights! Go, Go!

Day one of this training camp turned scary and not in the usual lets tell stories around the fire way. Chidori’s jealousy leads her to believe things that aren’t true. As a result she runs into the woods. . . Yeah not the wisest choice. Honoka’s reached her breaking point trying to battle past demons and does some very problematic things to Yuta. Those two not so new characters make a reappearance in the most unusual way. Which coincidentally leads to the scary part of this episode. Yaamada and Urushibara happen to work at the school and are apart of the Kizna Committee. Coincidence? I think not! You’re wondering what they were doing in the middle of the woods with a group of underage kids? Me too. Turns out they have a very twisted way of trying to prove a theory.

As I suspected in my last post the group is connected to each other through more than physical pain. Which begs the question of will they really be able to break the bond that’s been forced once the summers over?

Episode 06 – Nothing Good Comes From Being Around You

This has to be the best episode so far. We’re actually getting into back stories now. Honoka’s in particular. My dislike for Noriko has grown. It was difficult to watch Honoka battle her trauma while it was purposefully being taken advantage of. I resonant a little more with Honoka now. I understand why she’s rude and cold towards others. Not that that’s an excuse but I get it. Much like Katsuhira I’m extremely dissappointed in Noriko. Mostly because in the last episode you could really see how lonely she was and that she craved friendship. Yet in this episode she conducted things in with such disregard to anyone’s mental state. I guess I want to know what drives her. What’s her end game? I hope it’s really worth treating people like shit.