Mini Manga Update Vol 03

Authors Note:

I should probably get out of the house and actually join the real world. Adult me should be adulting. But I don’t want to. For more years than I care to share I dreamed of this. To stay at home and be a blogger. Although I’m not a great one. Yet. It’s still a dream come true. Kind of. Anyways It shouldn’t have taken a pandemic to happen for me to able to be happy or to focus on a craft I love. For right now I’m content making weekly trip to the library and social distancing at home. I’ll deal with the real world when I have to. I hope you all are putting your physical and mental health first. Until my next authors note.

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The Ancient Magus Bride Vol 03 – 05

The biggest draw for me is the magic. This old school magic with fae, gods and goddesses really does it for me. The alchemists, the mages and the priests add a certain level of danger I eagerly crave. I feel a certain peace and nostalgia while reading even when my emotions are being dragged all over the place. I cherish the cute fluffy moments but live for the dark more morbid moments of passion and danger.

From an adult standpoint I see the toxicty a mile a way. From an romantic view I want to smile while crying and cheer Chise on. Dealing with life long trauma and self loathing is never easy. Her attachment to Elias is an unhealthy codependecy that she’ll either break from or it’ll ruin her. What I do like about this manga is nobody acts like this is normal. Both friends and foes reach out and express their concern over the unhealthy realtionship between the two. Chise has the making of a great protagonist. She has courage, she’s kind and she doesn’t shy away from hard work. I’d really like to see some growth within her character espically since things are atarting to take a more dangerous turn.

Elias is secretive and shrouded in mystery. With a body made of literal bones he’s not the usual attractive male lead yet I still find him attractive. I guess it’s the whole dangerous bad boy thing. In these volumes I’ve seen Elias’s growth physically and emotionally. He’s just as unhealthily attached to Chise as she is to him. The lengths he’ll go to keep her leads me to believe at some point he’ll have a very hard time coming to terms with his emotions. At times the romance is very innocently sweet that I practically moon over it but then Elias starts lying again and I remeber that this is not that type of romance. It’s basically stockhom syndrome. What does that say about me? while I shoud be shying away from reading unventional toxic forms of love I find myself drawn into more.

Queen’s Quality V0l. 09

You’d think that I’d kind of be over this series by now. That I wouldn’t flip through the pages with an unsettling amount of vigor. After all I know that these two are going to end up together. I know they’re going to languish all their demons. I’m so investing in these characters. In this world that it’s bordering on obsessive. This has to be the most unproblematic relationship I’ve read period. Kyutaro as a male lead brings so much to the table. He has so much depth. An arc which I live for. He can be fierce and soft. Kyousuke Motomi has this thing she does where one minute he’s squishy and cute and the next he’s this badass spirit fighting god. She does the same thing with Fumi which is why ultimately I hate and love her. One minute she’s whiny and the next she’s this firece queen stepping on peasents.

In this volume two things happen. Both are extremely dramatic and brought me to tears. Ghost from the passed come into play and the white queen shows her face to save the day and also ruin it. That’s been her M.O this whole series so I don’t really understand why I was so appalled. Fumi has a decisions to make and for once she thinks about what she wants instead of what’s most convent for others. In the end all my dreams come to fruition and Kyousuke promises there’s more to come.

Graineliers Vol. 01 & 02

This manga is super mysterious. I sense conspiracies and government espionage. My library only carried two volumes. originally I was okay with that considering I had no idea if I was really going to like this series. Unfortunately for me I ate it up and now I need more. Graineliers takes place in a world where plants seeds can be used for more than food and decoration. Basically 2.5% can eat a seed and gain powers from them. The rest die. It’s illegal to grow, sell or consume these seeds. Our main guy Luca grows and sells rare seeds as does his father. Then we have this shady ass government who works hard to research these seeds as well as catch seed carriers (people who have eaten said seeds).

All in all I really enjoyed the first two volumes of the series. I like the way things were explained. I enjoyed the eye candy. Seriously all the guys are hot. Luca has a very dry personality. He deadpans a lot and I love that. He’s very straight forward when he’s talking which gives him this badass persona. I already know he has a soft spot for children and plants. Which I love. Abel his best friend and keeper because sometime Luca’s an airhead is adorable. I already know he’s loyal to a fault and will do anything for his people. That to me is a breath of fresh air because it seems like a lot of manga I read involve people going behind each others backs.

I’m hoping I can find more volumes to this. series because I would really like to finish it.

Bloody Cross Vol. 08 & 09

Bloody Cross is the manga that just keeps giving. The espionage and drama really spice up my nights. Nao, that poor last soul. Man I didn’t expect that to happen or for Tsuzuki to be so affected by it. Speaking of Tsuzuki his character is really up in the air for me. I love him but I hate him too and I don’t really see that changing. So many alliances were unearthed I honestly don’t know up from down. Satsuki had a small appearance in these volumes but I swear I never seen a hotter fallen angel. I just have to take a moment to appreciate him and all his glory. Tsukimiya life is as always up for forfeit. Which honestly I hate. She’s such a strong woman and she’s badass yet she gets played every volume. Can my girls live.

Also is it wrong that I’m still hoping for love matches in this manga? Probably, but there’s these moments where I’m like they’d make such a cute couple. The characters are all flirty with each other and Shiwo leads you on making you think somethings about to pop off and it turns out to be a joke. But whatever I still going to read volume 10.