October Goals

Happy October everyone. For most people fall represents cooler weather, children (and some adults) dressed as goblins, ghouls, and sexy nurses. A time to join with family and friends over a feast. This year things might be a little different (okay a lot of different) but the spirit of the season is still here. Since July I have carefully curated Halloweenish themed posts for this month (can you tell Halloween is my favorite holiday yet). Somethings took a little finagling and and a lot of self control. Others sort of just fell into my lap like a gift from the halloween goddesses (or gods, whatever works for you.) So with out further delay from my on going rambles here are my October goals.


Keeping with the theme of this month I’ve picked four books that give me October vibes. I decided on two YA novels and two adult novel because I’m trying to get into more YA books.

Mexican Gothic By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

This novel came out over the summer and I wanted to read it ever since but I held off. The synopsis was perfect for Holloween. It’s a mixture of historical, mystery, and a touch of spooky. Needless to say I won’t be reading this before bed.

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

Cemetery Boys is giving me star crossed lovers vibes and I’m alway down for that. It has an air of mystery and obviously involves a cemetery so some spook too.

Immortal Angel By Lynsay Sands

Immortal Angel is part of an ongoing vampire series I’ve been reading since the beginning of time (not really). Seriously though I always read Lynsay Sands when I want a good laugh. It’s a nice way to break up some of the seriousness I can sense the other novels will bring. Plus hot vampires are alway needed.

Legendborn By Tracy Deonn

I don’t know much about the novel other than the cover art is to die for and it’s written. by a black author. I want to read more books by black authors but I want to be sincerce about it. I don’t want to read something just because it’s written by a black author of because it’s suddenly the trend but because I’m genuinely intrested in the story being presented. It’s safe to say that paranormal and fantasy are my niches and I feel like I’ll enjoy this novel a lot.


I want to get at least two Manga updates out this month. It’s been difficult finding Manga that I really enjoy and also be able to give a little commentary on them. I’m still contining with Devils Line, The Ancient Mangus Bride, Queen’s Quality, Bloody Cross, and Graineliers but I trying some new series as well.


I want to finish up Kiznaiver this month. I have six episodes left but I’ve been watching the in three’s so I think I can do it.

Burn the Witch took me by surprise. I’ve been in a anime slump for quite some time and nothing new was very appealing to me. This first episode was released on Crunchyroll yesterday and I can’t wait to give you guys (or ladies which ever you prefer) my first impressions.

In the end this is simply a list of everything I want to get to this month. I’d be impressed if I accomplished half of this list. I mean with the current climate of the world (and my job) shit is hard. As always I hope everyone is protecting their mental health and using self care. Talk to someone if your not feeling great (my message box is always open).