Mini Review: Immortal Angel by Lynsay Sands

Title: Immortal Angel

Series: Argeneau

Author: Lynsay Sands

Genre: Slow burn, paranormal romance, thriller

The Argeneau series holds a special place in my heart so I’m not shocked that I thoroughly enjoyed this latest installment. Admittedly there were a few things that bugged me but no novel is perfect and everyone’s opinion differs. Before I can give my honest opinion I should probably give a brief explanation about the Argeneau series for those that have never read it.

So first and for most they’re not called vampires but immortals (which are very similar to vampires). In the begining the first immortals escaped from Alantis before it collapsed. Altantians weren’t born with fangs or the need of blood for survival but they got them from the nanos implanted in their blood stream. These nanos were made by Altanian scientist who were trying to find a way to keep citzens at peak health. But nanos use a lot of blood thus the need for blood that before Altanis fell was given through transfusions. The fangs developed by nanos after Altantis fell thousands of years ago in an attempt to keep their host at peak health.

Still confused? I was two for the longest time. It’s takes a while to get used to this idea of Immortals/vamps. I explained all of this so that you would have so sort of background knowledge.

This story follows Ildaria Garcia and Joshua James Simpson Guiscard a.k.a G.G. Two characters we’ve already been introduced to throughout the series. Ildaria is a 200 plus year old immortal and G.G is the stepson of an immortal but is still very much human. He owns and immortal bar and hires immortal employees. They are two very different characters in every way. The only thing they have in common is their familiaritywith the immortal world and G.G’s adorable tiny dog. Seeing these to come together was like watching kittens play.

While the romance was sweet it was also inevitable. As with most paranormal romances, there is always a mate. In this case, they’re called life mates. Essentially life mates can’t read or control each other, share sex dreams, share pleasure, and have blackout good sex. Literally. G.G isn’t immortal doesn’t want to be and he isn’t a tough badass either. Usually, that’s my type. I live for the angsty male protagonist for the first time ever I was extremely attracted to a six-foot- five teddy bear. G.G is a genuinely sweet guy. there’s no hidden depth to him. He doesn’t secretly have a black belt in jiu-jitsu. He’s an almost forty-year-old business owner with a tiny dog and a kind heart. I fell like a ton of bricks.

Ildaria is a badass immortal vigilante who has to take a seat for a while or it’s off with her head. She kind and sweet but most importantly she’s sassy and sarcastic. She has been through a lot in the 200 plus years she’s been alive and isn’t without her own hang up. She likes to keep a wall between her and the rest of the world. It was so enjoyable to follow along as her wall came down brick by brick. Reading as her life goes from empty to filled with a found family and true happiness. It kept a smile on my face constantly.

This story wasn’t without a bit of drama and danger but to tell you about it would spoil it for you. There were a few things that bugged me I felt that the end was rushed. This novel is basically a slow burn paranormal romance. They came together within the last few chapters and all the dangerous loose ends as well as G.G’s non-immortality were tied up as well. I don’t know what else Lynsay could have gave me or if I’m just a greedy reader but I wanted more. Ildaria could have gave me more sass at the end. There were other things that bothered me a but they were written to bother you.

This is the part where I give you a trigger warning. If rape, almost rape, creepy old men lusting after young girls triggers you I would not read this. Lynsay doesn’t throw these things in your face but it’s there. It’s part of one of the characters pasts and it does get discussed at length. I must also warn you the Argeneau series is a predictable every novel from beginning to end. Which is a curse and a salvation. I normally read Lynsay Sands when I want to read but don’t want to have to think. She has become a comfort author for me.