Weekly Update 10/18/2020

Let’s just say this week has not been great. My productivity is shot. I spent a night in the ER which gave me anxiety. There’s something about getting your temperature taken seven times that makes you think you have Covid even though you know you don’t. Anyways I didn’t want to go a whole week without posting. which means this is sort of a filler post but not really since I’ve been considering making weekly updates for a while now.


As you know I’ve finished up Immortal Angels as I’ve already giving my thoughts on it. What you don’t know is I’ve also read like five other books that weren’t on my tbr. Don’t worry most of them were rereads. When I’m not feeling good I reread books for comfort. Maybe I’ll do a post on books I read when I’m sick and why. This has unfortunately put me behind schedule on my monthly goal of reading four new books each month. I’ve read 11% of Cemetery Boys but I do plan to finish it by sunday.


I’ve watched all of one episode of Burn the Witch and quite frankly I’m confused. So confused to the point where I’m going to watch it again before I make any comments. I can’t say whether the show is genuienly confusing as hell or I was just loopy from being on meds. I alread had plans on watching more than one episode before posting my thoughts just because the first episodes are mostly uneventful or leave you on a cliff hanger.


I’ve read one volume of Ran and the Grey World which I loved but am also side eyeing. Normally when I read the manga for the manga updates I read them all within one or two days. I’m hoping to have a post ready next week because it’s been a while.

New Developments

So I did something. Well I registered for something because well I’m impulsive. Now that It’s been a few days I’m not so sure about it anymore. I made the decision to try my hand at NaNoWriMo. I technically doesn’t start until November but I’m nervous and anxious and just a little bit overwhelmed by just the idea of sharing a story with the world. Anyways let me know if you’ve ever tried NaNoWriMo and or your thoughts on it. If you have an account let’s be buddies.