Crazy In Love : A Standalone Christmas Thriller

Title: Crazy In Love : A Standalone Christmas Thriller

Author: Ivy Smoak


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Mistletoe and holly and lights all aglow. It’s my favorite time of year. Until my husband had to go and ruin it.

Christmas is officially canceled at my house now that I’ve kidnapped my husband and locked him in the basement. And not even Santa can get me out of this mess.

I know what you’re thinking. That I’m crazy. But I swear I’m not. I’m going to let him free eventually. Or maybe with a little Christmas magic he’ll fall in love with me again.

Ivy Smoak is one of the authors that gets a ton of advertisement on Amazon. She. has a ton of books on Kindle Unlimited. So I’ve been going through what everyone else is going through during this pandemic and just took a chance. Based on the synopsis you’d think that this would be your typical second chance love fest with a little illegal drama on the side. I don’t know if I was happy or horrified that the story was nothing that I thought it would be. Who is Ivy Smoak and why does her brain work like this?

In the beginning you’re made to believe just as the synopsis says. Ensley kidnapped her husband in an attempted to salvage her failing relationship. The reality this novella is so much darker. Almost every main character is twisted. The plot isn’t the plot. Hell I don’t even know if there is a plot. Nobodies a villain but at the same time everyone is a villain. Her husband isn’t her husband. She has an unhealthy obsession with her local red collar criminals ( like white collar criminals but they use violence.) And I now have clear understanding of how I’d feel if I ate half a pan of weed brownies and am no longer interested in indulging in them.

My final opinions on this novella are as followed. It’s a train wreck in the best way and yes you quote me on that. The characters as lovable as they are crazy. Even while knowing Ensley is batshit crazy I was still rooting for her. I wanted her to get everything she wanted. There was no riding around in the sunset with Mr. Right Ensley saved herself and that’s a very refreshing ending. Was I rooting for a big romance? Absolutely, but Ensley did what she came to do and was a complete badass while doing it. So I’m satisfied but I do think I’ve read enough crazy to last me a few months.