The Awakening by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts has a very distinct writing style. It’s descriptive to the point where you can see, smell, and taste everything she writes. I’m always captivated by the world she creates. By the professions her characters have and the life they live. The Awakening is no different. This novel is a journey to find one’s self doused in Irish fantasy.

Presume not that I am the thing I was.

-William Shakespeare

A young Keegan is at a vital point in his life. Where he has to choose to stand for his people or walk away. He lives in a world where choices are given and decisions are respected. I immediately got a sense of who Keegan is from the prologue. He’s reluctant to lead but filled with a call to serve. The choice he makes molds him into the man he later becomes. Breen in another world his stuck. Unhappy and dull in every sense of the word. It’s only after what would seem like a happy coincidence that her world changes forever. As series of events sends her and her best friend Marco to Ireland. In Ireland Breen learns who she is, where she comes from and everything she’s capable of. Still she struggles with the wants of other and the need to define herself. As Keegan and Breen’s worlds meld together the story becomes more intense. I realized quickly that there isn’t a whole lot of black and white in this story. Just shades of gray.

As the story continues Keegan becomes more intwined in Breen’s life. First as an instructor then a lover. Their first interaction had me wanting to throw the book. Keegan will never be a poet. His words are harsh but his heart his pure. I think that’s what makes him so attractive. The romance between Keegan and Breen is a slow burning one. I like that even after intimacy they still struggle to define what they mean to each other. The book ends with no conclusion to their budding romance. It’s something I look forward too in the next installment.

As always there’s a villain. I’m not going to lie he’s giving me Ares from Wonder Woman vibes. Strangely I’m okay with that. I think it adds dimensions to his character and gives the story a darker spin.

I feel so many things. Yes, I’m sad that the first installment of this series has come to an end and the next isn’t due to release until the end of this year. I’m awed by the love, strength, and compassion that the characters displayed throughout the novel. I’m shocked by the last turn this story took on the last page of the book. I have a yearning to read more. I want more of the magic. I suddenly want to live in a forest and search for pixies and learn how to fight with a sword.

A/N: I honestly couldn’t have picked a better first book for 2021. I feel refreshed and inspired. This novel has made it easy for me to keep my goals already. One book down, 79 more to go.

With Love,