New Adult Series That I Loved

I don’t talk about the new adult genre enough or my love for it. Last year I was pretty much engrossed in fantasy and didn’t give this genre its due. I’m rectifying that in 2021. As I was organizing my bookshelves. Getting rid of dust bunnies, I found all my new adult series tucked away. Admittedly I haven’t read them in years but, now I have the urge to go down memory lane. Why not take you along with me.

Stage Dive Series

Author: Kylie Scott

The series follows a famous rock band as they try to balance the ups and downs of fame. They learn hard truths about family and friendship. They battle tragedy, addiction, and falling in love when everything else seems to be falling apart.

This series takes place in the slums of Denver. Telling the stories of men and women who were wrought injustices. These characters struggle to follow their dreams in a place where dreams are crushed at an early age. Still, with their chosen families, they celebrate their triumphs and battle their heartache and trauma. This series contains sensitive situations.

On Dublin Street Series

Author: Samantha Young

This series is just pure sweetness. Taking place in Scotland. Friends become family as they help each other overcome everyday difficulties, battle trauma, and just laugh. This series also touches on sensitive topics.

I’ve realized that it isn’t easy to discuss a series without giving away any spoilers. I don’t think I’ve given these series enough justice. I tried to pick the book series that could be read in any order or even as a stand-alone. Each one of these stories carried me through my early twenties. Giving me solstice and laughter. So they’ll always be special to me. If you decide to read even one of these novels, I hope that it’ll give you all the peace and laughter it gave me.

With Love,