Jan ’21 Monthly Wrap-Up

January was a lot of things but mostly refreshing. This blog had it’s first birthday. I had my 28th. I’m actually excited about the content I’m putting out these days. Everything feels sort of surreal. This year I’ll be using monthly wrap-ups to review the activities on and off the blog. I didn’t get to every book on my tbr this month but I’m okay with that. I’m learning to celebrate small achievements. Three out of four books is definitely something to celebrate.

Favorite Book

As much as I enjoyed the other novels I read this month The Awakening has been living rent free in my brain. I can’t believe I have to wait until the end of the year for the second installment.

Least Favorite Book

I didn’t hate this. I just think maybe I should have watched the movie instead. While I did finish the light novel there won’t be a post for it because I just didn’t care enough about the story one way or the other to bother. I was completely confused until page 15. Even then, I still wasn’t sure of what I was reading. The light novel seems to be written the way a screenplay would. Not that I’ve ever read one to know but, it feels that way. That’s probably the reason I didn’t care for it.

Books I Started Rereading

  • Judgement Road by Christine Feehan
  • Fade to Midnight by Shannon Mckenna

Reviews Posted

Notable Posts

It’s Officially Been One Year – Blog anniversary post.

Books Releases I’m Excited For

What I’m Enjoying

In another life I could have been a gamer. Maybe if I starting before twitch reached it’s peak I’d be rolling in dough. I only say this because I recently brought Pokemon Sword and I’m obsessed. It’s the true reason why I didn’t get to all the books on my tbr. I’m not ashamed of that either. Have you dynamaxed a pokemon yet? I also been playing Animal Crossing I started my island over and an currently trying to get 3 stars so I can terraform.

The Penthouse – This show is crazy. I love it. The drama, the prestige, the backstabbing. It’s everything I love wrapped up in a weekly K-drama.

Running Man – A Korean variety show. I watch this on Monday’s after work because I need a really good laugh.

Jessi Showterview – Jessi is my girl. I’m so happy they gave her a web show.

With Love,


What have you been enjoying lately? How was your month?