Why The Duke & I is No Longer On My TBR

If this is a surprise to you welcome to the party. If you’re reading this already knowing what kind of trash this novel is feel free to rant in the comments. I’ve never done a post like this. Where I completely tear apart a novel. I’m not that person. Normally I can find something good in anything I read. But , this is on another level.

It all started when I was washing dishes and watching Booktube. Booktube is a sub group on YouTube. I came across a video by Jack Edwards a YouTuber I’s never watched before. The video was titled I read the “Bridgerton” book and it’s … problematic. For the last few months I gone out of my way to not watch any video in regards to this series because I knew I was going to read it and I wanted no spoilers. Only this time I clicked it. Now this isn’t the first time I’ve seen a video titled in a similar way regarding the series. I just chose to ignore it. In the beginning of the video he admitted to watching the Netflix series first and then he takes you on his journey.

I’ll be completely honest when I read a historical fiction I’m already prepared for a large amount of sexism. Given the time period sexism was practically a way of life. What I’m not prepared to read are racists undertones when there’s no need for them. Even then I was kind of like okay maybe I can get through that if it’s a really good story. Then Jack hits me with a whammy. There’s a part towards the end where she essentially rapes the Duke. So let me set the scene for you. Daphne and the Duke are married. He doesn’t want kids but she does. So one night while he’s drunk she takes advantage of him and doesn’t let him pull out. Her inner dialogue is something along the lines of ‘I know I should be ashamed but I’m not.’

That right there was my breaking point. I have not ever been more disgusted in my life. There was absolutely no consent. So yeah the Duke stays mad for a while but then he just forgives her and they live happily ever after. Which means Daphne takes no accountability for her actions. Now let me make this clear. I don’t have triggers and I’m not a sensitive reader but this shit is triggering. And it should be for everyone. Julia didn’t even try to make it seem like he semi consented to the sexual encounter and I’m sorry I can’t read something like that.

This also got me thinking about what other historical romances I’ve read that have these same issues and I just kind brushed them under the rug. So now friends I’m down to four books. I also have a brand new copy of The Duke & I if anyone wants it.

Authors Note: This post was not made to deter you from reading the novel or anything written by Julia Quinn. This is my personal reasoning for taking it off of my tbr.

With Love,