Overcome by Lora Leigh

Did I completely say screw my TBR and head straight for my comfort reads? Yes. Am I ashamed? maybe a little but what’s done is done. Overcome by Lora Leigh is a set of three novellas from her Breeds series which I absolutely love. The thing about the Breeds series is you don’t need to read the whole series to enjoy one book.

The World of The Breeds

They’re not shifters or werewolves.

They are experiments in genetic engineering. Created to be super soldiers and the advanced lab rats needed to research new drug therapies for the human population.

They weren’t created to be free.

They weren’t even created to live.

They existed to serve the men and women who created them, tortured them, filled them with rage and a hunger for freedom.

Now they’re free, they’re living and they’re setting the world, and their mates, on fire.

-Lora Leigh

The Breed Next Door { Lyra & Tarek }

Have you ever read a story that just made you happy? The Breed Next Door is that story for me. Even now as I’m typing this days later I have this big goofy smile on my face. I loved everything about this novella. Lyra and Tarek are a dynamic duo I’m not going to lie. Tarek Jordan has ruined me for all other men. I was salivating while reading this novella. It’s another level of spicy within those pages. Lyra is the sweetest, sassiest, all-around beautiful character I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. At this point, she’s my spirit animal. She brings a more playful side out of Tarek mostly by accident. This novella isn’t all romance there’s some heavy action in-between but honestly, it pales in comparison to the epic sex scenes. I mean really Ms. Lora just adds to my list of fantasies daily.

In a Wolf’s Embrace { Matthias & Grace }

This novella is completely different than the previous one. While The Breed Next Door focused heavily on the relationship I felt like In A Wolf’s Embrace focused more on the overall series plot. Matthias understandably plays a bigger role in the plot than Tarek does. His relationship with Grace is essentially based off of lies. Just as quickly as those lies are exposed so is an undeniable truth. They are mates. If that doesn’t sucker you in I don’t know what will. The drama starts on page one and it never lets up. I will say I wasn’t very impressed with Grace in the beginning. Mostly because I was jealous. I would give one of my kidney’s to be in her shoes. Matthias is a force … a presence … there are no words to describe this man. All I knew was that I wanted him and Grace was blowing it. As the story continued I found myself falling down this rabbit hole and I became so overwhelmed with emotions that I cried. I freaking cried.

A Jaguar’s Kiss { Natalie & Saban }

After getting an emotional sucker punch courtesy of Matthias, Saban and Natalie were a bit lackluster. There was just something about him that didn’t do it for me. He’s kind of an Alphahole (asshole alpha) and for some people, that’s their kink. It’s clearly not mine. I felt the same about Natalie. I side-eyed her character a lot. Besides the romance that didn’t do it for me the plot was good asf. When you take Matthias’s alpha ‘everything has to be my way’ attitude and combine it with Natalie’s natural urge to defy everything and everyone. Then add in some asinine extras you get a complete shit show. In all the best ways. Still, I really wish I liked the romance aspect more.

Overall Lora Leigh is my girl. I’ll read anything she writes and get some kind of enjoyment out of it. I like novellas when I’m feeling antsy and don’t think I can commit to a full-length novel. I tried my best to discuss what I thought was important about each novella. Though everyone’s idea of what’s important is different. For me when it comes to romance the plot doesn’t have to make sense. Would I love to have a bomb-ass plot and a great romance? Of course but if it’s titled as a romance I’m reading it for the romance. I expect a whirlwind romance. For the most part, I got that.

With Love,