Nauti and Wild by Lora Leigh & Jaci Burton

I told myself a million times that I wasn’t going to make this post. That I’d stick to my TBR and maybe talk about these novellas next month. Maybe.

But, I have so much to say and I’ve never really been good at biting my tongue.

Nauti Kisses by Lora Leigh

This is the final installment of the Nauti Series. If you haven’t read this series I suggest you do. Nauti Kisses focuses on John Walker Jr (Rogue from Nauti Deceptions brother) and Sierra Lucas John Walker Sr. goddaughter. John Walker Jr. is the typical boring lawyer. He’s been going through the paces for a while now. He’s engaged to Marlena. A woman who he doesn’t really want to be with but I guess you don’t have to actually like the person you’re going to marry these days. 

Sierra Lucas is hell on wheels. She’s described as little but full of spirit. She’s known to have emotional extremes. She’s either extremely happy or extremely pissed there’s hardly ever and in between. She’s obviously in love with John Walker Jr. but he’s still trying to see her like a kid sister. Which quite frankly I don’t blame him he’s almost ten years older than her.

While reading this story I was torn. I wanted Sierra and John together so bad but my brain kept saying ‘hold up’. Sierra is twenty-four and John is in his early thirties. He watched her grow up. Isn’t that a bit weird? Granted John would have never pursued Sierra if she hadn’t crossed that line. John would have never crossed that line so willingly if he hadn’t been drunk. Can I say Sierra took advantage of John while he was under the influence even if he wasn’t opposed to what was happening? See I have so many questions and no right answers. The lines in their story are so blurred that even with a pair of the strongest prescription glasses I would be able to see it straight

Another part of the story I was torn about was the fact that John kept referencing Sierra’s past sexual encounters. He wasn’t bashing or shaming her per se but it seemed like he mentioned it or thought about it every other chapter. He definitely spoke on it in a condescending tone. While on the other hand he was completely baffled that all of his previous lovers and his fiancée thought that he was too sexual. Which if I being honest I was a little baffled by that as well but I couldn’t help but point out the differences between the way John thought about his sex life versus Sierras.

If you noticed I haven’t discussed Marlena John’s Fiancee and that’s because she’s a big part of the plot. I’m trying my best not to give away spoilers. This last installment is full of twists and turns. Spicy sex scenes and a few triggering ones. The drama is the chef’s kiss. The romance is heart aching. Sierra is a strong-willed, independent woman who refuses to take anyone’s shit. John is an Alpha male with a heart and a protective streak a mile wide. Overall I really did enjoy this story and John and Sierra are so cute together. It’s a nice way to end a series.

Riding The Edge by Jaci Burton

Riding the Edge is part of the Wild Riders Series. I think I’ve read one other book from this series years ago. This story focuses on Rick Benetti, a member of a secret branch under the FBI, and Ava Vargas a senator’s daughter. 

Ava is a good friend, a neglected daughter and naive as hell. Rick is a jaded bad boy who now works for the government. To say that they have issues is an understatement. Trying to save her friend Ava hooks up with the Hellraisers an infamous biker gang. She’s introduced to Rick and immediately there’s chemistry. I talking about the kind of chemistry you only read in books ( I know this is a book but, you get the point). Rick is undercover with the Hellraisers and his assignment is to get Ava away from the gang and back where she ‘belongs’. The drama literally starts on page one. While I’m here for all of the drama I am not here for my girl Ava to constantly be played with.

None of the people in this book deserved her. Not Rick’s lying ass, not her drugged-out friend Lacey (I use the term friend very loosely here), and most certainly not her self-centered, egotistic father. I loved that Rick cared about and respected Ava. He watched out for her while she was with the Hellraisers but the way he left her… I am not happy about that.

Ava my dear sweet Ava. I wanted her to glow up, grow up and say fuck everybody. Instead, she rode for Lacey right to a Mexico checkpoint. She finally told her father to take a hike and then she immediately ran right into the arms of Rick. I’m not saying I didn’t want Ava and Rick to be endgame because I did. But, damn she could have made him work for it. He didn’t even have to grovel.

In the end Riding the Edge lived up to its title. There were so many times when I was on the edge of my bed yelling at Rick as if he’d suddenly realize that he was ruining everything.

Both of these novellas can be read as a standalone but I think you’d enjoy them more if you read the previous books. I admittedly enjoyed Nauti Kisses more than Riding the Edge because I was familiar with that world and all the side characters that were mentioned or popped in for chapter or two. It was harder for me to understand some of Rick’s actions but I feel like I would have if I’d understand the dynamic of Jaci Burton’s world.

With Love,